Franklin Graham: Obama is a Christian

Franklin Graham said on Tuesday that he personally believes Obama is a Christian.

President Obama went to a cult some years ago, and claims to be a "Christian".

Graham also clarified in the interview with Christianity Today, that he never said that he believes Obama is a Muslim, as some media outlets have reported.

“I do not believe for an instant that Obama is a Muslim. He has said he’s not a Muslim. I take him at his word,” said the evangelical leader, who has a history of providing media fodder with his controversial remarks.

“I’m not saying the president is Muslim, never said he’s a Muslim. He says he’s a Christian.”

But Graham added that under sharia (Islamic) law, Obama is still considered a Muslim because his father is a Muslim.

“That’s why [Muammar al-Gaddafi] calls him ‘my son,’” he noted. “To the Muslim world that’s under sharia law, which we’re not, they see him (Obama) as a lost son. They see him as a wayward child.”

It goes by birth in the Islamic world. You’re considered a Muslim if your father is a Muslim.”

Source: Christian Post. 

My comment:

Can a Christian call the Koran a “Holy book”?

Can a Christian call Islam a “Great religion of Peace”?

Should Christians enter Mosques and pray together with Muslims”

It the answer is no, than Barack Hussein Obama is not a Christian. Even if He claims to be.

Muslims do call the Koran a “Holy book”, and they do claim that Islam is a religion of peace. Christian’s claim Jesus is God. Muhammad says only “Allah” is God. Both the Bible and Koran can not be the truth.

Franklin Graham has finally joined the club of politically correct “Christians”. But politically correctness will not take anyone down the narrow path, and into the narrow gate. The Kingdom of Heaven is at stake for the US TV-preacher.

Graham is not telling the truth.

Here are to links that can high light this issue for all who feel Obama is a Christian.

Obama search for the truth and peace inside Mosques.

Obama confirming his faith in the One World Religion. 

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “Franklin Graham: Obama is a Christian

  1. Franklin Graham is a fool, but unfortunately he represents more Christians than not, and is the reason why so many are going to be shocked to find their faith was weighed in the balance scales and found to be nowhere near worthy.

  2. Obama a ‘Christian’ who enforces tax money to go to abortions over seas first week in office and refuses to give Resurrection Sunday message to Americans for the first time in US history. Oh sure. He’s a Christian . Note sarcasm.

  3. I would not call Franklin Graham a fool..that also is a “No No according to scripture”…yet he’s playing a dangerous game of ‘political correctness’…riding a fence can be a dangerous dose of ‘just walk in peace’…that is not the peace of Truth..Jesus said what is in the heart will come out of the Mouth. Any one who calls the ‘Koran “Holy Koran” and sarcastically refer to Jesus Sermon on the Mountain about turning the other cheek as a laughing matter before the World on International Television …plus bow before the Enemies of the God of Israel, ie Christian God… needs to recheck his ‘Salvation’ less he finds his self lacking in The Day of The LORD! Those who are Christians, know the difference between a Spiritual Israel and the Physical also know full well not to mock ISRAEL, OR THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL” or offend Israel. We are grafted in, and not into Muslims or Arabs we were grafted into Israel.Our God is a God of peace but Woe unto those who add to or take away from The Holy Bible that was written by man…but was “INSPIRED” BY THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD GOD JEHOVAH.”

  4. You are all out of line….see Rev Graham’s interview with Ms. Amanpour on CNN….Mr. Graham was well spoken….Someone here needs to be careful with taking things out of context and trying to destroy a man of God. What happened when the people did that to Moses. Not saying he is anywhere close to Moses but Mr. Graham is a good man and this website is out of order and needs to repent and recant their statements with an apology

  5. If my father was a Satanist, and I was a Christian would that mean I would be damned , no it would not, I am using this as an extreme example.

    Benny Hinn the evangelist( I saw him in an assembly of God church when I was 18 years old) talked about being beaten by his parents for being a Christian. But he had a huge following and no one doubted he was a Christian, even though I did not believe he was sincere, because of the way he has accumulated great wealth on the backs of his followers wearing Rolex watches and wildly expensive suits ,shoes, and cars and homes.

    Jesus never dressed that way and was a carpenter and his disciples were fishermen and some before they were saved were horrible cheats, tax collectors, etc. John the Baptist ate locusts and Honey and none of them had easy lives or deaths, John the Baptist was beheaded, and lets not forget Jesus women followers Mary Magdalene, the former prostitute, Mary and Martha, (Mary washed his feet with her perfume dowry, and her tears and hair, Mary cooked and sometimes was unhappy that Mary did not help her but Jesus told her Mary was doing what she was supposed to do,

    There used to be Christians in Lebanon, read about Brigitte Gabriel who is a lebanese christian, and lost her childhood to militant Islam, when militant muslims poured into lebanon and declared jihad against the lebanese christians. the book is Because They Hate about radical Islam. Obama had Gadaffi killed.To say Gadaffi called him a son, well Gadaffi is crazy and his own people hated him.

    Our president was raised by his white grandparents and was especially close to them. HIS MOTHER WAS 18 AND MARRIED A BLACK MAN from Africa who she never lived with and left the country and only saw Obama one time and was married to other women at the time he married a naive 18 year old.

    I think his grandfather was from the south like me and it was illegal to be married to a black person at that time except in Hawaii. Just because Obama wants to meet the black part of his family does not mean he desires to be a Muslim or is a closet Muslim.

    He has gotten on national television and proclaimed his faith and his commitment to Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and talked about meeting with ministers and church lay people, and how he sees following Jesus is the right path. Why does he have to say he is a sinner and proclaim every sin he has ever made to everyone.

    He is accountable to God and he only needs confess to God. Is this the what our president must do to convince the doubters he is really a christian?

    You must except Jesus Christ as your personal savior and believe in the Father and no other God. But you also must not judge. That does not mean we should let our nation be taken over by the Hitler and the Nazis who saw Hitler as God and made the children of Germany swear their alleigance to him over their parent and over God.

    The emperor of Japan believed he was a God and made his people do the same thing. Both leaders believed that the Germans were a superior race, the Ayran race, the Japanese believed it was better to die than give up to America, they committed Hari-Kari, where they would aim their planes at our ships and our bases and it was a great honor to commit suicide in battle for the emperor and their country.

    This was terrorism that we had never seen and the British were especially shook up when they saw an enemy that did not follow usual war tactics, these people were willing to commit suicide for their Emperor, their God and when America GIs were captured the Geneva convention rules for POW’s were not followed because they saw it as a weakness that we would allow ourselves to be captured, where they would rather commit suicide than to lose face, to lose honor.

    We as Christians value our lives and we know life is precious so we do not advocate suicide although during war we encouraged escape in some cases. Also during Vietnam war the Vietcong used brutal torture and some GI’S BROKE AS TORTURE IS USED TO DO and that does not that mean they were weak, no it does not, were they traitors, no they were not, could you survive the vile torture the Nazis, the Japanese and the Vietkong used? Don’t you dare dishonor the millions of our soldiers and say you could.

    I had 4 uncles on my mothers side who fought during WW2 AND ONE WAS AT PEARL Harbor ,one was in Africa and had the Germans walk over him and then the British(they thought he was dead) he wasn’t and was saved by the Brits and ended up at a hospital with amnesia and suffered post traumatic syndrome for the rest of his life, one was on a ship and swam to a major battlefield,and the other was at a major battlefield.

    They all survived. On my fathers side all his brothers also fought in WW2 and the Korean War. My Uncle said the Japanese would try to kill them than be captured and he was an officer and he and his men were almost killed trying to bring the prisoners in so they no longer brought Japanese prisoners back in under his orders, they were killed because of their devotion to try to kill us or themselves like the terrorists in the middle East do, the suicide bombers, the terrorists who crashed the planes killing themselves and thousands of our citizens.

    We are still at war, and we have to fight these fanatics who hate us because we will not convert to Islam and it might interest you to know not only Muslims call us infidels but so does the book of Morman, if you are not a Morman you are an infidel, plus the Mormans believe in things that have no relation to the New Testament or the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    The Mormans do not like it that their church founder Joseph Smith, their prophet dictated pologamy, and their leader Brigham Young did follow this practice believing it was the only way to heaven where if you are a Morman now your husband gives the wife a secret name that has to be whispered into his ear to God to get the women into heaven, and that the more children and the more wives then the greater the glory for the man who shall become like a mini-god, the magic underwear that protects only those of the Morman faith, the blacks are cursed by God and were not even allowed to be members until the 1970’s, the blood-atonement (killing of women who won’t marry an old man who might be her relative and blood-atonement(murder0, for infidels and this still bothers me the killing of the wagon-trains of Arkansas people and Missouri People, men, women and children and the elderly and horses stolen that were worth$2000 dollars a piece.

    Why was this dangerous cult which demeans women as the Arab muslims do allowed to florish in our country? Now i have wonderful Morman friends but I do not believe in this dangerous dogma any religion who wants to be here in the U.S. is welcome but when they say unless we convert to their religion we are infidels who should be killed, then we should all have a problem with that.

    The beauty of Christianity is you can follow Jesus or you can refuse just like the rich man did who did not want to give up his worldly comforts, his wealth and all that it gave him.We do not kill people who won’t convert. Now, I also know that Jesus was raised a Jew but was crucified because of the Jewish leaders who did not want him to have power and would not accept him as the messiah.

    They pressured the Romans to kill him.

    Jesus said give unto Caeser what is his.

    The Romans were not the instigators although they followed through on the crucifying him, and Jesus did not speak Arabic he spoke Aramaic, “eLI! eli! SABACTANI? MY GOD, MY GOD WHY HAS THOU FORSAKEN ME? He did not speak Yiddish. He came not to save just the jews but the gentiles and all people.

    But I do not believe our Jewish brethren will go to hell, they were God’s chosen people and they have suffered horribly since before Moses and during WW2 they were nearly wiped out because of Hitler who many believe was like an anti-Christ, he hated not just the Jews but anyone that didn’t worship him.

    Also Hitler learned from the Turkish people who almost wiped out the Armenians who were part of Turkish people just like German Jews were Germans, that no one noticed when the Turkish wiped out the Armenians, no one will care about the jews who were pacifists and led to slaughter like sheep. And the world didn’t care until Hitler became a threat to the allies,and Albert Einstein realized by the time they tried to teach the Hitler regime to respect all human life all Jews would be dead he sadly left his home and recommended we use the atomic bomb with a heavy heart that we could not reach such a monstrous regime. Why do people hate Obama, let’s get to the core is it because he is black born of a man who a Muslim, but he sounded like he was an alcoholic and didn’t practice his religious tenets since Muslims don’t drink, and the muslim word for black is filth, a man who abandoned his son, who took advantage of a naive 18 year old white girl..

    Also obama had osama bin laden killed something Bill Clinton tried desperately to do and was not supported for but ordered the CIA to do and he was not successful as he admitted to Fox news in an interview after his presidency around 2009) but he says he did everything he could to try and was not supported or recognized for, George Bush also had 8 years to kill him and even after the attacks on the world trade towers and the pentagon and the heroic effort of the downed plane was not able to do it, but Obama has killed our 2 biggest enemies who were behind Al-queda who Obama hates and wants to eradicate but he is still attacked and being called a terrorist, and a closet Muslim.

    I went to a Baptist Christian school and Bible was a required course,as well as attending church service every day, I loved it and hated junior high school where I was terrorized every day, where there were attacks and riots and drugs and violence and hatred from a minority of students, and teachers.

    I loved being safe and encouraged to learn and praised for it, although it nearly broke my parents to send me there and 15 boys handcuffed one boy and called him a sissy who had come there with me and one other student from the same public school, they knew better than to do that to me I had been in a jungle-prison like enviroment and learned to fight against kids with boxcutters and razor blades under their tongues, armed with switchblades, kids who beat up their bus driver because they did not want to walk 2 blocks while I walked over a mile to my bus and my dad was the administrator for the parish and had to sit at the back of the bus that the kids beat up the bus driver alone with just 1 handgun against a busload of violent, dangerous adult-size armed kids.

    I even had a social studies teacher threaten me at the private school who was later fired for striking a parent (who did not intimidate me at all, in fact I called him a sociopath) who was sleeping with his 15 year old students and I later found out my Bible studies teacher was gay but it was heaven compared to the hell of public school and without it I would have not been prepared academically for college and I loved the Bible classes and going to chapel every day.

    I wasn’t rich like the majority of students but I did not care and I did have a guy in 11th grade throw some things at me in art class and it hurt me but he died at 18 in a motorcycle crash and my art teacher warned him that his actions would catch up with him and they did. I know that it is fear that is causing people to attack Obama and because he is a democrat and so many evangelists support the Republicans and back the tea party republicans.

    They don’t attack or question the Morman republicans and how they can govern a country when they have nothing in common with mainstream christians. Again i have Morman friends and I gladly was willing to learn about their religion, but I found out it had nothing in common with Christianity and it was started by a mentally unstable man who got caught committing adultry and was a false prophet who covered it up saying it was the voice of God and angels like Moroni.

    Also at my college in a very small Christian campus we had a serial rapist who went on to rape women in Louisiana and Texas, we were never warned and he was raping girls by the Christian Student Unions, where there was a wooded area nearby, he married a beautiful sweet Christian girl who was a beauty queen, a virgin who he had 5 children with and went on to become a Baptist minister. Sound familiar about the Penn state scandal.

    Also i, and my roommate, were sexually harassed and sexual misconduct was going on on our campus by Deans and teachers with not only females but males, I had a teacher who talked about being a Satanist and hated women because he loved to prey on the young men, he was also the tennis coach.The college also let men in the female freshman dorms until 12 o’clock p.m. and we lived in the basement and we were not safe. Think hard before you judge the president of our country. The only perfect being in a man’s body was Jesus Christ.

    He felt our sorrow, our burdens, our joy, he was angered at those who defiled God’s temple by gambling but he was without sin and no man or woman christian is but that is the beauty of Christianity too in that our sins are washed as white as snow due to the redemptive power of our Lord. Plus we must pray for our leader in that they are men, who are flawed and the majority of America who I believe were Christians supported him and we must pray for the next president whether he is re-elected or someone else we must pray for that person and ask God to guide our leader and protect our people one nation underr God with liberty and justice for all.

    God bless you and keep you all. I included thses things that were personal in an effort to tell you I Love my country and I love Jesus Christ, the father and the holy ghost and I repent and I rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus Christ. I try every second to follow my Lord and he picks me up when I fall.

    Praise Jesus!

    1. Dear trishi

      Shalom, and welcome to this blog.

      I have edited your comment, because it was an endless block of letters. I understand this is your personal testimony. But the comment field is not supposed to be used for this. Put your stories on your private blogg of Facebook, and publish a link on this blog.

      This is a comment field. Make short comments, and take one point at the time. Than there will be debate on the concerned topic.

  6. Thank you Ivar and shalom to you. I support and love Isreal and as does my huge family. I’m just having a hard time believing obama is a muslim or not a Christian. He makes mistakes as almost all our leaders have, and Christians or Jews are not without mistakes. I don’t know what to think about the French pres. conversation blasting Israel prime minister, but I don’t like them bashing the man who is trying to protect Isreal and the U.S. too. So goes Israel, so goes the world, and the Jewish people past and present like Christians I believe shall be in heaven and we should join tightly together now. What do you think of the FRENCH PRES SAZORKY. AND OBAMA COMMENT THAT WAS AIRED. maybe obama is like simon peter who betrays Jesus but still loves him and cannot fathom screwing up.

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