Sony: 75 million Credit card data “might be” stolen

Hacker shut down Sony’s Playstation, and had the chance to ran away with the credit card data of 77 million customers.

The thief's can get you through your computer, and empty your bank account.

Hackers who broke into Sony’s PlayStation Network online service might have stolen members’ credit card information, Sony said Tuesday.

The intrusion, which happened between April 17 and 19, has resulted in a week-long system outage that could last as long as another week. As many as 75 million users globally use the network to play online games together and download movies, TV episodes and game demos.

Sony says it will send an e-mail to all account holders advising those who gave their credit card information to either PSN or Sony’s new Qriocity music system that hackers may have gotten their credit card number and expiration date but not the card’s security code.

“While there is no evidence at this time that credit card data was taken, we cannot rule out the possibility,” Patrick Seybold, senior director of corporate communications and social media, said in a statement on Sony’s official PlayStation blog.

“An unauthorized person” did get users’ personal information including birth date and e-mail addresses, he said. In the wake of the security breach, PSN members should be alert for e-mail, telephone and postal mail scams that ask for personal or sensitive information, Seybold said.

Source: USA Today.

My comment:

Computer games is risky business. Not only are many of the games highly demonic. The promoter demands you credit card data, to allow you to play and buy online.

Theft of ID is the fastest growing crimes on Earth. Do not surprised if you bank account shows zero -0- balance.  You social security number has also been deleted, and there is no person with your name to be found in the Governmental records. You have simply ceased to exist. Electronically spoken.

In the end. you will no longer be allowed to buy or sell with out with an micro chip under your skin, that holds all kinds of personal information. If you allow this chip to be implemented under your skin, you are finished. The last and most powerful hacker you will ever face, will be the final Antichrist. He will have full control over you.

Revelation 13:16-18
It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.[a] That number is 666.

Written by Ivar

30 thoughts on “Sony: 75 million Credit card data “might be” stolen

  1. Ivar, you have a rather unfortunate talent to exaggerate the facts.

    The story makes it clear that an unspecified quantity of credit card numbers might have been stolen. You turn this into “Hacker … ran away with the credit card data of 77 million customers”. You simply can’t conclude that. Yes, there’s a possibility it has happened, but unless you know more than what has been made public, you can’t say for certain. So don’t.

    The rest of your comment is full of nonsense. Hacking Sony’s network and altering government records are completely different things.

    And how do you know the mark of the beast is going to be an implantible microchip? That’s nothing more than your personal opinion, but you present it as fact.

    Please, stop the paranoid guesswork – it makes you look a fool.

    1. Dear anastasis

      Shalom, and thanks for this correction.

      A quote from USA Today:

      “An unauthorized person” did get users’ personal information including birth date and e-mail addresses.

      (end of quote).

      I wounder what a Sony employee want to do with your birth day data?

      What about a employee shutting down a multi billion USD company’s website for a week or two?

      Hummm…..Do I really “exaggerate the facts”.

    2. Anastasis,

      The mark of the beast being an implantable microchip is not farfetched at all. The Bible tells us that the mark will be used to buy or sell, so in retrospect it can be a chip implanted with computer/scanning abilities. By far, this has been a more “accurate” conclusion of what the mark of the beast will most likely be.

      Of course, with the most imporant being that Christ said: whoever receive the mark, will have there part in the eternal pit of hell.

      1. Gloria, what you say is a possibility, but that is all. The mark of the beast could be something completely different. We simply don’t know.

        Ivar didn’t qualify his language, he wrote “In the end. you will no longer be allowed to buy or sell with out with an micro chip under your skin, that holds all kinds of personal information”.

        He said it definitely will be a microchip. No-one on earth can say that. He is elevating his opinions, which are really just guesses, to the level of certainty.

        And incidentally, even if it is a microchip, there is nothing in the Bible that suggests it will hold “all kinds of personal information”. Again, that’s just his belief, and it is an extra-biblical one.

      2. Dear anastasis.


        You wrote:

        And incidentally, even if it is a microchip, there is nothing in the Bible that suggests it will hold “all kinds of personal information”. Again, that’s just his belief, and it is an extra-biblical one.

        My comment:

        Is it not funny, that Cars, airplanes and micro chips are not mentioned in the Bible. So your logic seems to be, that we should not talk bout such issues in regards to prophecy’s and the book of Revelation.

        In never said: “God told me, that there will be a micro chip….”. Since we do not yet know, let keep an open and humble debate on such issues.

      3. Anastasis,

        What I say is a likely possibility and the most accurate one, especially with the development of microchip under your skin being implanted as we speak for medical purposes with your information included in it. What Jesus speaks of in Revelation is exactly how it will happen/occur.

      4. correct me , but the bible says something like in the right hand and forehead and i dont think is ash wednesday. what matters is that is going to be something similar to what ivar says, and by the way i have a ps3 and i dont worry about it,if something happens to my account sony is going to have to paid me double.this happen because sony knows how to screw their customers and somebody probably got fed up with them, but i should not had to pay for sony mistakes.

      5. accept the truth you are mad because you dont want to accept . the truth hurts. am glad someone got to me before i took my last breath, now i got my act together. am spanish and amazingly a redneck share the gospel with me, god is amazing.

    3. anastasis,

      While I do not believe that the mark itself will be a microchip, I don’t doubt at all that technology such as it would be used to enforce the mark of the beast. I recall reading a news story last week, about the iPhones tracking people’s exact locations, and now Microsoft wants to follow. In countries, especially the United States, we’re seeing the privacy of citizens being intruded upon at an alarming rate. Their response is that people must give up their civil liberties for safety and peace. It is exactly that kind of mentality that will bring us into one-world government and religion, and many will be deceived.

  2. everytime you go on the internet you are a potential victim to scammers and fraudes so it’s not only the game business

    “The FBI, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Earthlink have jointly issued a warning on how the growing ranks of Internet crooks are using new tricks called “phishing” and “spoofing” to steal your identity.”

    So, i would not call Ivar paranoid. We never seem to realize that we leave our traces all over the internet and yes there are hackers that will try to misuse that information and in worse cases even steal your identity, as you can read in the link i put on.

    Wether or not the mark of the beast will be a microchip? I guess Anastasis is right that this cannot be put as a fact because the bible doesn’t say that it will be a chip but a mark.

    1. Mary, every time you open the door, answer the phone, or go to the shops you are also a potential victim of a fraudster. So the internet is no different in that regard.

      The “phishing” and “spoofing” tricks are not new, they only work if a user respond to the fake requests for information, and you don’t need a PhD in computing to be able to spot them.

      And the only “traces” you leave on the internet are the traces you put there. If you don’t buy anything online, then there is no risk your credit card number can be stolen.

      My concern is that scare stories like this vastly overstate the risk and spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt. This is far more dangerous than the threats themselves.

  3. Ivar, did you actually read the story? There is nothing in it to say that credit card details were definitely stolen.

    The story doesn’t mention an employee – it could have been an external hacker. And if you know what you are doing, it is quite easy to disrupt computer systems. I suspect Sony believes that their security is now compromised and they are not going to bring this network back online until they are sure it’s OK.

    I can’t help noticing that you didn’t respond to a single point that I had raised…

    1. Dear anastasis


      You wrote:

      Hacking Sony’s network and altering government records are completely different things.

      My comment:


      If you are able to hack into a Governmental data base, you can change the stored information. What I just wrote is not “full of non sense”.

      1. Ivar, they are different because governments employ vastly more security to protect their information than companies do.

        For example, their most sensitive databases are not even connected to the public internet. So you’d have to gain access to a high-security government building first. Even if some databases are accessible from the internet, they can make them “read-only”, so information can’t be changed. But you’d still need to break several layers of security before you could get to the information.

        I could go on – there are loads of techniques that can be used to secure information. Obviously nothing is perfect, but governments have been doing this for decades, and they are actually pretty good at it.

        If you don’t mind me saying, I get the impression you don’t know much about computer security. I’d suggest you stop commenting on it.

      2. Dear anastasis


        You are right that I am not an expert in computer security. But why do you not like this article?

        Is is because you feel my knowledge about computer security is to less, or is it my focus on Sony, hacking and 77 million stolen credit card data that bothers you?

        It might not be the most important information for you. But I do have worked for a Minister as His personal adviser. I also know a bit about how insecure Governmental information is, in supposed to be “safe places”.

        Wikileaks was an exposure of secret diplomatic cables.

  4. Ivar, my problem is that you have twisted the story. Can you not see that? You just said it again – “77 million stolen credit card data”. Sony have not said that and until they do, we must not assume it.

    Here are two statements:

    “Up to 77 million people may have had their credit card details stolen” – this is true

    “77 million people have had their credit card details stolen” – this is false

    Can you see the difference? You are saying the second one, which is not true, as the facts stand today.

    In addition, deleting a social security number is completely different to hacking the Playstation network, but you fail to appreciate that. It’s like saying that someone who robs a bank could also steal a nuclear missile – the idea is laughable.

    1. Dear anastasis


      You wrote:

      Here are two statements:

      “Up to 77 million people may have had their credit card details stolen” – this is true

      “77 million people have had their credit card details stolen” – this is false

      My reply:

      You might like the official Sony version, better than mine. I do not have to write MAY be stolen. Even, a not to educated person is able to understand my point, and why Sony has to write MAY. In court Sony MAY have to pay billions in damages if they confirm the theft.

      Excuse my not so diplomatic language.

    2. lady go to ign .com a gamer site and you can get the information and why are you arguing, the only thing we should think about is in other people that are not save , who cares about ps3 i have one i enjoy watching movies blu ray and games i mostly watch movies the most. what ivar is trying to say with this story is that in other words that one day we are going to be hack just because we are christians .

      1. Dear Clo.


        You wrote:

        What Ivar is trying to say with this story is that in other words that one day we are going to be hacked just because we are christians .

        My comment:

        This was a good back up comment. The final antichrist will manage to control the Global economy, and try to control my private economy. In fact He wants my whole life, both my body and soul. He will set the stage, and control what can be bought and sold. With out his remote control on your hand or forehead, you will be stuck. The solution seems to be back to basic. Barter trade among the remaining Christians, who live as an underground movement. Just like if was in 34 A.D onwards. Get ready for a bumpy ride.

  5. Ivar, I understand what you are trying to say, the meaning behind your comment but if you take another source of journalism and comment on that, Anastasis is right in saying that you should not change or ad to the story.

    Maybe Sony did not tell all the facts and maybe it is like you wrote it but the truth of the matter is you do not know for sure since all the information is not yet out there.

    I think it would be wiser to not put down your comments as if it were a fact (even if your allmost certain of certain things) but to let the reader make up it’s own mind after you put down your opinion on the story.

    You ask Anastasis why he does not like the article, but he never said he did’t like the article, again this is what you assume because he commented on your comment. The article as i understand was written by someone else and you put down your opinion on it and we put down our opinion on your opinion…ehm yes well i hope you still follow:) so please do not take it personal, we all have our opinions and expertises on certain fields.

    What stands forever however and without doubt, is the Word of God and you clearly see that prophecy is fulfilling itself as we speak.

    1. Dear Mary.


      I agree that this article was colored by my own understanding about the official version from Sony. I also put on the source of the information, if anyone was interested in reading USA Today. I am sorry that some of the readers might have been misguided. BUT: Its is better to be on the safer side and presume theft, than to trust Sony.

      1. Ivar, yes, it is safest to presume theft, but you must make it clear that this is your opinion and not the official story from Sony. If you choose to report a story, you must do so accurately. Otherwise you are telling lies, which is a sin.

      2. Dear Anastasis.


        I feel there is not much to add to this debate about me lying or not. But be careful not to believe in the presumable lies of Sony. This is just another story that confirms that your credit card information is less than safe. When we come close to the end, all Christians will have to avoid ID theft. Keep the “safe” micro chip out of your body.

      3. Ivar,you are a faithful servant with a humble spirit! Thank you for the correction and God bless you and this website that it will bring honour and praise to our Lord Yeshua.

  6. Ivar, yes, for all we know Sony might be lying, but that doesn’t excuse anyone from reporting the story accurately, which you did not do and don’t seem bothered by. All it needs is for you to take a bit of care in what you write, and I hope you will do this in future. Just make it clear what is fact and what is speculation.

    1. Dear anastasis.


      I have changed the headline on this story to end all kinds of speculations. I serve Jesus and my faithful readers.

      1. that was a treat from anastasis, the only thing we can do is tell the gospel to people when god opens the door. i been noticing comments from some people here, this anastasis doesnt feel right, but at the end we know who got the victory jesus christ. some of us are going to loose are lifes for sharing the gospel, then so be it. it amazing how just by saying the name jesus christ you can loose your life and your job, that tell you how real is god hallelujah praise him, am so glad that i dont believe in a fairy tale , this is all real, praise the lord are god,everything in your name lord jesus christ forever amen.
        i was posting on msnbc the other day and they deleted all my comments cause i was sharing the gospel.

  7. ivarfjeld, I searched out this name since it was the first one I met on here. I deleted a lot of things on my list and now I think I may have deleted myself out all together. Is there a way to find out? No way did I intend to ‘unsubscribe’ to NewsWeek period!!
    Thanks for any help and/or info. God Bless

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