Poll: Egyptians don’t want peace with Israel

Pew Research Center, the survey revealed that 54 percent of Egyptians don’t want peace with Israel.

People who believe in the Words of the Koran, do not want a Jewish state in the Middle East.

The results of a public opinion poll conducted in Egypt following the fall of dictator Hosni Mubarak show that the majority of Egyptians want to annul their nation’s peace treaty with neighboring Israel.

Conducted by the Pew Research Center, the survey revealed that 54 percent of Egyptians don’t want peace with Israel, and will support a candidate who advocates annulling the Camp David Accords.

That percentage was the same among both secular Egyptians and those affiliated with Islamic organizations.
The poll also found that Egyptians don’t think too highly of America or US President Barack Obama.

Eighty percent of respondents said they have an unfavorable view of the US in general, and 60 percent said they don’t trust Obama. Only 22 percent of Egyptians said America has made a positive impact on recent political changes in their country.

The survey further showed that the Obama White House has been wrong about the direction in which Egypt is heading.

Obama and his staff previously insisted that the participation of Islamic radicals like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s revolution was a fringe phenomenon that would have no bearing on the nation’s future.

But the Pew poll shows that today the Muslim Brotherhood enjoys a 75 percent approval rating among all Egyptians, giving the group a very good chance of claiming control of the parliament in upcoming elections.

Source: Israel Today

My comment:

While Obama claim that the Islamic Revolution in the Middle East is about desire for peace and democracy, the facts on the ground tells a different story.

That 54 per cent of the Egyptians wants to cancel the peace agreement with Israel, is a sign of what values the Egyptian “freedom struggle” is based on.

54 per cent of the voters is more than enough to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power, and do what the people demand.

The Brotherhood do not have to worry. The Islamic terrorists have a 75 per cent backing in the Egyptian population. Soon both Iran and Egypt will be ruled by Jihadist’s.

Th Islamic understanding of “democracy” is: “Elections that will bring rule of Islam”. The lack of rule of Islam in Jerusalem, is the reason why the Egyptians wants another war with Israel. The Egyptians voters wants Israel to be brought into submission to “allah”, or deleted from the face on the Earth.

Written by Ivar

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