Please marry William, but not a Roman Catholic

A centuries-old law is banning British monarchs from becoming or marrying a Roman Catholic.

If Kate had made the Pope her "Holy Father", William had been forced to look for a Christian girl to marry.

London’s Daily Telegraph reported on April 25 that plans to abolish the 1701 Act of Settlement have been ditched because of “significant objections” from the Church of England.

Now the First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, has written to the British Government asking for urgent clarification.

“I recently wrote to the Prime Minister (David Cameron) calling for the abolition of all discrimination contained in the Act of Settlement, including its blatant discrimination towards Catholics, which is completely unacceptable in a modern society. I am deeply concerned at these reports that this much-needed and long overdue reform has been shelved by the UK Government,” Salmond wrote.

There is no similar prohibition on the British royal family marrying members of other faiths such as Islam or Judaism, or those who are agnostic or athiest. Anglicanism is still the state religion in England and the monarch is called the “Supreme Governor” of the Anglican faith.

A spokesman for the British Government told the Telegraph, that the government “accepts there are provisions (in the Act) which could be discriminatory.”

However, he added, the process of amending the law is “a complex and difficult matter that requires careful and thoughtful consideration” because it effects succession to England’s throne.

A Church of England spokesman expressed similar concerns. He said that the anti-Catholic prohibition “inevitably” looks outdated.

“But if the prohibition were removed the difficulty would still remain that establishment requires the monarch to join in communion with the Church of England as its Supreme Governor and that is not something that a Roman Catholic would be able to do consistently with the current rules of that Church,” the spokesman told The Telegraph.

Source: CNA.

My comment:

The Jesuits were thief’s and robbers. They still are. They steal people’s free gift of salvation given by Jesus of the Bible.


By demand that their flock worship idols, pray to created beings, and hail a sinful man as the “Holy Father”. This was the name Jesus used exclusively for His Father God in Heaven.

When the constitution of Norway was drafted in 1814 A.D, the Lutheran Kingdom banned Jesuit priest from entering the free and liberated nation. The Roman Catholic Church had become the largest owner of land, properties stolen from the people. The state took back the land, and kicked the false priests out of the country.

What is the British Law protecting William from?

From being under the yoke of the Vatican, the past and present seat of an anti-Christ.

The Church of England  is suppose to protect the United Kingdom, from falling back under Rome. Still the Church of England works for an end time union with Rome.

The UK Constitution makes such a union almost impossible. Because the King of England is the head of the Church of England, not the Pope. By law.

Thank God of the Bible for the former lawmakers in the UK. They knew what they were doing. Today, Prince William is still protected. May his bride Kate Middleton stay put in the Bible, and never be deceived by any papist. If that happens, she will loose her earthly kingdom. But more disturbing. She will loose her salvation, and be lost for eternity.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Please marry William, but not a Roman Catholic

  1. Keep making caste you Zionist Protestant bigot. I wouldn’t recommend the Queen going to Ireland with mickeymouse security. Churchill’s wake is hated in Ireland as much as in Palestine> Londonderry killing Irish praying to the same murderous Old Testament as those inside Jamestown killing American Indian, as non-native Euro Semites bulldoze 1600 year residents. Bring it with your shrinking empire.

    1. Dear Matt.


      You wrote:

      you Zionist Protestant bigot.

      My comment:

      That is not the worst thing the next Queen of England can be called.

      Are you a member of the IRA by the way?

  2. Hahaha.For some reason you linked to mine, though I haven’t discovered which particular post it was.

    What a funny little blog this is.
    It’s almost like a caricature of the extreme fundamentalists of past decades. I thought they no longer were in fashion…

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