Israelis more happy than Americans

63 per cent of Israelis are happy with their present life. In the US, “only” 59 per cent are happy.

The majority in Zionist Israel claims their life is full of happiness.

A survey conducted by Gallup institute ranked Israel seventh out of 124 states, based on the happiness level of residents.According to the global wellbeing survey, published over the weekend, 63 per cent of respondents in Israel said they were happy with their lives.

The “happiness” list was headed by Denmark, with 72 per cent of its residents expressing satisfaction. Sweden and Canada came in second with 69 per cent happy campers, followed by Australia with 65 per cent.

Surprisingly, Venezuela shared the fourth spot with Finland, boasting 64 per cent content residents.

New Zealand ranked seventh, along with Israel.The Jewish State ranked higher than Holland and Ireland (62 per cent), and also managed to surpass the United States (59 per cent) and Brazil (57 per cent).

The Arab state ranking highest in the survey was the United Arab Emirates, with 55 per cent of its residents reporting being content with their lives.

Britain showed less optimism with only 54 per cent of respondents expressing satisfaction.

In contrast with the level of happiness in Israel, only 14 per cent of residents in the Palestinian Authority said they were happy with their situation.


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