Obama giving East-Libya to Osama

US forces are engaged in a slowly escalating war on behalf of al-Qaida penetrated antiregime forces in Libya.

The US feels Osama bin Laden is a better friend of Obama, than Colonel Gaddafi.

Due to both sides’ inability to separate civilians from military targets, NATO forces are also killing their share of civilians.

If only in the interest of intellectual hygiene, it would be refreshing if the Obama administration would stop ascribing moral impetuses to its foreign policy.

Today, US forces are engaged in a slowly escalating war on behalf of al-Qaida penetrated antiregime forces in Libya. It is difficult to know the significance of al-Qaida’s role in the opposition forces because to date, the self-proclaimed rebel government has only disclosed 10 of its 31 members.

Indeed, according to The New York Times, the NATO-backed opposition to dictator Muammar Gaddafi is so disorganized that it cannot even agree about who the commander of its forces is.

And yet, despite the fact that the Obama administration has no clear notion of who is leading the fight against Gaddafi or what they stand for, this week the White House informed Congress that it will begin directly funding the al-Qaida-linked rebels, starting with $25 million in non-lethal material.

This aid, like the NATO no-fly zone preventing Gaddafi from using his air force, and the British military trainers now being deployed to Libya to teach the rebels to fight, will probably end up serving no greater end then prolonging the current stalemate. With the Obama administration unwilling to enforce the no-fly zone with US combat aircraft, unwilling to take action to depose Gaddafi and unwilling to cultivate responsible, pro-Western successors to Gaddafi, the angry tyrant will probably remain in power indefinitely.

Source: Jerusalem Post, Column One.

My comment:

When people come out of Mosques and create riots, they do not have freedom of expression and democracy in mind.

Strangely, CNN and the BBC do not show us the sources of the uprising in the Middle East. The source are Imams demanding pure Islamic rule, as explained in the Koran.

Inside the Mosques in Yemen and Damascus, Muslims have over the years listen to preachers who want their nations to become more pleasing to “Allah”. The rioters in Damascus came right out of the Friday prayers in the Mosques.

What are their complains?

Secular overfeed Arabian dictators, who have been on the pay role of Washington, are not going to destroy Israel. And the prices on petrol and onions are to high.

The “peace makers” preach a gospel that is a deadly mix of Jew-hate and social justice to people who feel they have to little. And because these Western backed dictatorships have looted their nations, there is short supply of everything. The dictators have filled up their secret Swiss bank accounts, and are ready to pay handsome amounts for their asylum as they might be forced to flee.

Inside the Mosques the Arabs have been told that the US and their puppets are the one who cripple the powers of Jihad.

Now Obama helps such Imam’s to radicalize the Middle East. He does this to please Islam. This is the religion of his father. A religion Obama calls a “great religion of peace’.

This is the truth.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Obama giving East-Libya to Osama

  1. Like Secretary Hillary, Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have a crush on the rebel Islamic terrorists fighting Qadhafi who they were in bed with just a few months ago and want more US involvement in Libya killing Muslims for other Muslims as has been the case in Afghanistan and Iraq for many failed years and wasted young lives.
    God is showing Israel her faith in America for peace is idolatry and is greatly misplaced.
    Eventually He will remove this cursed American yoke of no peace from Israel’s neck.

    Today we have an unexpected side effect of U.S. involvement in Libya
    Who knew ?
    A world filled with unintended consequences leads to …
    ‘Some Washington sources quote Chinese diplomats as reporting that North Korean interlocutors told them bluntly that if Libya is an example of American prowess, then Pyongyang has nothing to fear from Washington.’ (from debkafile this morning)

    Lets be open and honest about this lie by Obama;

    ‘A religion Obama calls a ‘great religion of peace’.
    It is part of Satan’s new world order to incorporate Islam and this is why the globalist governments and media are so anti-Christ and pro Satan’s religion of Islam.

    It was first mouthed by the devious ‘Skull and Bones’ enemy of Israel, President George Bush,who deceived a majority of naive Christian hypocrites who stood by him as
    he pushed hard for his personal vision,his dream, the carving up of Israel for his master Satan.

    How the unrepentant church has been polluted by her whoredom with the world and it’s corrupt ways.

    1. Dear Marcel.


      Soon it will become a crime to claim in public that Obama is a Muslim. Because those who say so are “racists”, we are told on debate programs on CNN and BBC. And racism is a crime, punishable in the US.

      Few if anyone wants to talk about what the Koran teaches. That Muhammad called his followers to kill even fellow Muslims. The endless civil war within Islam, is now branded as a “freedom struggle” for “democracy”. Muslims killing fellow Muslims. What madness.

  2. Hi Ivar,
    And in all of this advancing darkness before us the Church is dead silent except for a few who don’t care if the wicked intimidate us,threaten us and call us intolerant and hate filled.
    It has always been a few as we saw in Nazi Germany.
    The average Christian could not speak out against the evil of their great idol ,their Fatherland.
    God tested German Christians then He tests us now.

    We know the truth and are bold to proclaim it because the righteous are as bold as lions.

    Fearful Christian’s who seek to save their lives are hiding and silent when it is not yet a death sentence for speaking the truth.
    They reveal their lack of faith for all to see.
    What will these cowards who hide behind anonymity do then.
    They will betray their faithful brethren and families just as Jesus said they would.

    ‘Whosoever seeks to save his life shall lose it’ Messiah Jesus

    “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.”
    Matthew 5:13

    Many clueless, syrupy and sugary Christian’s are not ready for the trampling under foot that will soon face.

    God Bless you Ivar and keep passing the salt.

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