Drones and Tomahawk’s can be used to cripple Israel

The state of Israel will soon face a suggested no-fly zone over Gaza.

The US and NATO fires missiles to protect Islamic rebels in Eastern Libya.

A no-fly zone over Gaza sounds like a smart way to put pressure on Israel. When Israel is not allowed to fly over Gaza, no Islamic children will be killed by Israeli air strikes.

NATO have the military capability to enforce a no-fly zone over Gaza. NATO also have the political will to work together with Islamic forces. Libya is in all ways the testing ground.

If Israel do not accept the NATO proposal of a no-fly zone over Gaza, the military alliance also have weapons that can penalize Israel.

The U.S. military unleashed a barrage of 122 Tomahawk cruise missiles to bring the Libyan air forces bases to silence. This is what the US Magazine Wired records:

 The Tomahawk is the drone’s suicidal cousin: a robotic aircraft, packed with explosives, that has no intention of ever coming home.

The next-gen Tomahawks — known as “Block IVs” — start their flights out just like other missiles, launched from ships or subs. But after 12 seconds of flight, things change. The Tomahawk starts to fly horizontally, skimming above the ocean at a height of less than 50 feet to avoid enemy radar.

GPS waypoints keep the missile on track, until it makes landfall. Then, a Tercom (Terrain Contour Matching) system kicks in. too. Using a radar altimeter, the Tomahawk Tercom checks its height. Then it matches that altitude against a database of satellite and overhead imagery, to make sure the missile is headed in the right direction and at the right height.

Source: Wired:

My comment:

The so-called September political sunami will be a bid to forces Israel to surrender Jewish land, and give it back under Islamic occupation.
If Israel do not “corporate”, a military sunami will be the next response from the new NATO-Islamic alliance in the Middle East.

Interesting enough, the US drones that fly over Libya release “hellfire” missiles. A “precise” name for a devilish military tool. That drones who fires such missiles has been invented by Israeli arms industry, makes the circle of evil complete.

NATO robots might rain "hellfire" down over Israel, if the Jewish state do not sumbit to Islam.

The Political and Military leadership in Israel must be baffled with what NATO is doing.

The World Number One military alliance is backing radical Islamic groups shouting “allah is great”.

Israel have a nuclear options that can be use as a terror balance against nations like Syria and Iran, and even a hostile Turkey if required. Israel has fought Pan-Arabian forces more than once, and do not fear such aggression.

But the leadership in Israel simply have no military option than can keep NATO at bay.

It is unlikely that NATO will go against Israel alone. But Obama might soon ask Russia and China to join in his “peace efforts”, also with military commitments.  The Quartet is already formed for the sole purpose on putting “needed” political pressure on Israel.

Israel will be told she is the stumbling block, that must give in to achieve “Word peace”.

Than the prophecy given us through Joel will be full filled.

Joel 3:2
I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.

With the spiritual insanity we see displayed in Libya, no one should be surprised if Israel is the next target.

Written by Ivar

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