The Papal butchers who killed true Christians

Without any shame, the Catholics is Spain continue to hail their religious past of despotism, mass murders of Christians and Fascism. Photo: Cliff. Whitty.

The ‘Holy week” in Spain is a celebration of the mass murder of Christians who refused to bow down to the papacy.

Take a look at the two below linked up sites, who exposes this horrific tradition in Spain. The Roman Catholic are celebrating their Fascist history, when masked men rounded up and arrested people who did not submit to this religious and political totalitarian regime.

This website has printed this official version:

A common feature in Spain is the almost general usage of the nazareno or penitential robe for some of the participants in the processions. This garment consists in a tunic, a hood with conical tip (capirote) used to conceal the face of the wearer, and sometimes a cloak. The exact colors and forms of these robes depend on the particular procession. The robes were widely used in the medieval period for penitents, who could demonstrate their penance while still masking their identity.

The Roman Catholic clergy wants us to believe that people had to hid their faces when they were called by the priests, to do penance for the Church. The meaning of “penance”, is good works ordered by priests to reconfirm their obedience to the Pontiff and his men.

The Papal butchers are attending a Catholic mas inside a claimed to be a "Church".

The truth is that these men covered their identity, to avoid being exposed during their Satanic acts during the Spanish inquisition. When the priests told them to butcher Baptist Christians, the clergy made it impossible for the victim’s to identify the criminals. Family members of slaughtered followers of Jesus were not able to alarm other Christians about who the butchers were.

Rome and Madrid ruled Spain by fear. If anyone did not do what the Papists had ordered, he would face persecution and possible martyrdom. The dark ages were really dark. Still Rome rejoices in its passed criminal acts.

Two links were you will find more such horrific pictures:



I have during the past month published multiple stories of thousands of skeletons, kept in side Catholic Churches. If you have been puzzled with who killed them, just take a deeper look at the above pictures.

Just add 1+1…You need 2 to tango. The priest and the butcher.

Written by Ivar

First published November 30th 2010.

56 thoughts on “The Papal butchers who killed true Christians

  1. Wow Ivar. That is disgusting. I mean really. The costumes even look evil and are meant to intimidate. How can anyone look at these robed men and tell me they are believers? The website you got the pics from say that these pictures are “beautiful”. Pathetic and sad.

    1. Dear Sue.

      Shalom, and welcome back after the holiday.

      The most amazing, is the official story that these men had to hide their ID, to “do penance for the Church”. Good works, like painting the Church, help the poor, say 10 “Hail Mary’s” and 2 Our father.

      Who do they think they can fool?

      Only people in extreme spiritual bondage, to the seat of the antichrist.

      1. Ivar,

        You wrote: The most amazing, is the official story that these men had to hide their ID, to “do penance for the Church”

        Ha! Ha! Ivar, you are right and isn’t everything they do is secret? It’s not a church but a “Secret Society” You are doing a good job the world needs to know so keep leaking!!

  2. You are in copyright violation of my photo property. Please take down my pictures. I will not associate my work with your hate speech.

  3. Hi Dave,

    You are so right on both your comments. I had tried my best to hold back my hand about the KKK. However, you said it. And, did it originate from the same source? More research for me to do now.

    Thanks and blessings

  4. The title is wrong, they didn’t kill true Christians, they MURDERED true Christians.

    To kill can imply that they did something good like killing blasphemers and wicked people (which is what they thought when they did their satanic deeds).

  5. Hi Ivar…i would like you to do research on Jesuits, they are the workers behind the Catholic Church. Their job is to infiltrate the Protestant Churches. That is who those hooted creatures are.

  6. It was on TV some time ago (last year I think) that there are many dead bodies buried under the vatican, seemly in large numbers.
    from ages past, it even showed the place where they were said to be buried.

  7. What is interesting about the Jesuits is that they were, at their beginnings, quite gnostic/pagan–believing that their great learning made them highly valuable to their god. They pride themselves on being the “intellectuals” in the RCC. The Scriptures, on the other hand, say, “Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.” (1 Cor. 8:1c) “But the man who loves God is known by God.” (1 Cor. 8:3)

    How could anyone who murders innocent people believe that he will be recognized by our loving Lord, as one of His own? Satan is all cold intellect–far brighter than we are. Without the Holy Spirit, we are putty in his hands. But we have been made in the image of God. We are capable of pleasing Him, when we love others. The most loving thing we can do for any human being is to give them the gospel truth in love—something that Satan wants to keep from happening. That is why he plants his children who “steal and kill and destroy” (John 10:10) while pretending to be the children of God. Jesus told us that all sin is predicated on an arrogant coldness toward God and/or other humans. Just like Satan. “Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.” We all fail to be as loving as our Lord, who “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8) Jesus also observed that, “…and the time is coming when those who kill you will think they are doing a holy service for
    God. This is because they have never known the Father or me.” (John 16:2-3)

  8. Can you see what is the same as you see today im our life , Its Islam , yet Islam is the child of the Cathoilc church in the Canon LAWS of the Cathoilcs says they can KILL hertics , yet this was not What YEshua had teached , and Islam also kills and in there Quran it says they can Kill Pagans , Yet any way this post says they killed baptise there not Christians , the True Christians were Jews That followed Yeshua ,and in that Cathoilcs were killing them way before any Protastants .

  9. The problem throughout history has been greed/lust for power, position, or money which has caused conflicts between Church and State; the origin of this comes from idolatry, which in today’s vernacular is called “freemasonry”. Formal freemasonry, which includes KKK, and many satelite groups which serve almost every niche of society, began in England in the 1790’s, however its’ true roots come from Lucifer’s fall from heaven for wanting to take over for God Himself. This banishment served only to have him replicate a counterfeit church system where he could deceive unsuspecting believers, both Jew and Gentile to give their allegiance to him rather than God. The Orange Lodge (stemming from Ireland) demanded their members to first be a member of a recognized church, to ensure that they give the appearance of morality, good judgement and clean living. Muslim freemasonry falls under the purvue of the Shriner’s.

    1. Hellow Sylvia.. these freemasons who adorn an apron with geometry symbolism etc: do you know the reason why this apron is made of a lambs hide:…. without blemish or spot…:just as was required when the high Priest would offer the blood sacrifice for sins in the tabernacle by sprinkling its blood on the Ark of the Covernent/mercy seat … it would apear that I have answord my own question, but I think there is more to this story and would apreciate any information you have.

      1. When Lucifer was ousted from heaven for his failed takeover, he fell to earth and set up his kingdom here with a counterfeit of each aspect he had seen in heaven – this includes everything which concerns the tabernacle and holy of holies. The sheepskin apron represents one thing to the masons, however it most certainly illustrates the biblical concept of wolves in sheeps’ clothing! The triangle on the apron relates to the principality of baphomet (lust & debauchery & the worship of the male phallus) and the illigitimate power of satan through chakra points and kundalini power. This is not something to play around with. I hope that helps you at a general level, as I prefer to focus on Yeshua as VICTORIOUS 7 SOVEREIGN KING – there are formal prayer booklets to renoucnce both masonry and kundalini power which are very helpful.

  10. All of it copied by the neo-Protestant KKK. Having marched on the Univ of Notre Dame in 1924, but the KKK suffered membership decline so in the 70s David Duke admitted white Catholics to the KKK. ps Mishener in his book, ‘Iberia’ mentions that the history of Protestant Germany was much worse than anything in Spain. So many wizards and witches sent to THE GREAT FIRE. And what about Salem Witch Trials>as Prod as you can get, Ishtar, Ivar or whatever is your Vegas name is.

  11. The first Christians were not catholic. Catholicism is from the devil. The first Christians didn’t call themselves “catholic” or “orthodox” or “protestant”. They were just Christians.

    1. sorry Andy those you call that were just Christian were really Jews ,it was the Romans that Called the followers of Yeshua Christians , the word Christ is Latin and that is what Romans spoke and they called the group of Jews that followed Yeshua Christian to tell apart which Jews were which .
      Even acts 6 verse 5 can see the converted to Judaism ,
      5This proposal pleased the whole group. They chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit; also Philip, Procorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolas from Antioch, a convert to Judaism.
      So now take a look were Nicolas is from ,now you know were the first christian came from and who started them. so now you can see they were christian Jews.

      1. Dear Vince:
        Yes you are correct – the majority of Yeshua’s believers were Jewish (especially the apostles) with a smattering of Gentiles – Greeks, Turks, Romans. He died so that ALL might be saved. Problem is many Jews have not asked Him to formally remove the idolatrous influences of freemasonry from their lives… and there is no idolatry in heaven. There are 64 page prayer booklets available for this purpose, and 36 page booklets to remove the ancestral effects of kabbalism and mind-control which is witchcraft and sorcery, the root of which stems from rebellion against G-d, or wanting our own (selfish/prideful) way…the root of all sin. Shalom,
        Deborah Spackman,

  12. This is Typical of papal murderers, since the rise of the roman catholic church there has been an estimated 100 million (this number cannot be underestimated) True Christians murdered by this church, and is still happening in parts of the world and will happen again very soon over the whole earth. In the Holy Bible a Woman Represents a Church, a good pure Woman represents a good pure church, and in Revelations Chapter 17:4 it says the whore clothed in Purple and Scarlet, and there is only one Church that wears this colour – the roman catholic church. I still find it very sickening that there are so many catholic people in the world that look up to these evil people, even the Jews keep the True Sabbath which is Saturday the last day of the week. Our Lord and Savior JESUS will be here very soon, the End is Very Very Nigh.

    1. The end shall come with the falling away of many for their love will grow cold – focus on the Source of Love and Life, not the harlot church’s garbage through idolatry.

  13. Neil Brunton
    It is not true that the Roman Catholic Church murdered 100 million people, let alone any true Christians. The people that the Inquisition handed over to the secular arm to be given the death penalty were what the Inquisition called “marranos,” those were Jews who came into the Church to destroy it and Christian society from within. They were blasphemers and viciously persecuted Catholics. One such example was where the Jews barricaded an entire town into a Church (there was only one Mass on Sunday and the whole town was at it) and set it on fire burning all the people to death. One would get the death penalty even in America these days for such a crime.

    The reason the Church began to observe Sunday as the sabbath instead of Saturday, was because Sunday was the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead, giving life to the Church. This was a greater Divine work than the creation of the world, when the seventh day, Saturday, was made the Sabbath. The first day of the Old Testament week Sunday also signified the new beginning of the New and greater Covenant in the blood of Christ.

    1. “The whore of Babylon’, the mystery religion..this is the RCC.All that are in her, need to come out of her and live the true life of a Christian, not a ritual repeater, idol kissing, Mary worshiping pagen!! Jesus died for all of our sins, you just have to ask him to forgive you for them..and if you are sincere, than he will forgive you. This can only be done by Christ, not the Pope. Somethings very, very bad wrong when they try to put themselves in the same place as our true lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He sent the Holy Spirit to be with us, not a Pope.That alone should let anyone know that it’s false..not anything other than pagen rituals that have been passed down from Nimrod, to right now! The devil isn’t going to show himself as the devil, he’s going to try to show himself as our Lord..don’t fall for it friends.It’s not the real thing, it’s the Devil..trying to take as many souls with him to hell as he can.

    2. Neil is right. Please read Foxes Book of Martyrs. Please ask God in heaven to show you truth. Rome has always hated the Jews and any non Catholics. Thousands of my forefathers and foremothers in the faith were butchered on the orders of the Pope, The Church of England, Calvin, Luther and others. Open a Bible. What you have been taught by the RCC is not in the Bible except for the 17th chapter of the Revelation. That will tell you what will happen to the Great Whore…that is the Roman Catholic system of blasphemy. Please for the sake of your soul…go read a Bible.

    3. You are wrong – with more catholic talk, Saturday was the Sabbath Day when GOD created the earth and GOD did not, has not, and will not change the Sabbath Day at all, and you yourself admit the catholic church changed the true Sabbath day – SATURDAY to SUNDAY (Sun Worship) the first day of the week anyway catholicism is not Christianity, catholics look to Mary more than JESUS who is our Real Saviour, why don’t you ask Mary to save you and when i said that the roman catholic church murdered an estimated 100 million people, i did mean it. Look at just one example during WW2 the catholic church (with the croation secret police – ustashe) murdered thousands upon thousands of Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies in Yugoslavia and not including the Millions of Jews which we all know about and they did it again with the help of America and Britain in the 1990’s against the Serbian People, believe me the Serbs are not the aggressors i have looked into this a lot and have seen many original WW2 pictures on the internet even with catholic priests giving the nazi salute, hitler and the nazi soldiers were catholic anyway. Look at pope benedict xvi (ratzinger) when he was younger he was in the hitler youth and is seen giving the nazi salute and pope john paul II sold gas canisters to the nazi’s to be used in the concentration camps. The Real Face of catholicism is in the pictures above and what it is truly like – and these are present day pictures. It is the boast of rome that she never changes. THE CATHOLIC CONSPIRACY “EXQUISITELY DREADED”. Please look at these links for proof, and there’s many more.

      (All external links deleted. External links not permitted on this site. Editor).

    4. Read Luke 24, carefully, Yeshua had already risen before the first day of the week. He rose as the seventh day, Shabat, ended, three day and three nights, like He said He would. The New Covenant is the Old Covenant written on our hearts and minds, in lieu of tablets of stones, as is the condition of the hearts and minds of men.

  14. People have always tried to blame non-Catholics for starting the Knights of the KKK here in America. By these a bit more stylish “hoods and bed-sheets: guess we know who really started the Klan. If there is death and destruction look to the Vatican.

    The hill the Vatican is built on was a place of human sacrifice. Vatican means: House of divination of the serpent. That’s where satans seat it, right underneath all of it. Oh that Catholic people would read the Word of God. It would shed God’s light on the darkness that they have been deceived into believing. I pray for you!

  15. This is a Zionist Website. As we know, the Zionists had Jesus Christ executed by crucifixion. Zionists also infilitrated Christinanity. Torquemada the notorious was a Zionist. Zionists invented the so-called Holocaust to justify their landgrab of the Palestine. Netanyahu the ingratee who receives 3 billion US dollars aid, at US taxpayers’ expense, is a war criminal who has massacred Palestinian and thus conducted the Palestinian Holocaust. Zionists use the US military as their bully boys and buy out politicians so they can get away. Their Zionist Lobby has succeeded in changing Merry Christmas to Happy Holiday.Zionists are also the originators of the flourishing porn industry. Because of the Zionists, the life of every US passport carrying human being is in grave danger all over the world. Zionists are difinitely not the chosen people.
    They have been rejected by Yahweh because of their obduracy, hard-headedness of their ungodly ways. They yse the name of God to exploit God’s peopl.

    1. +Anatole Pushkin: Perhaps you should study the Bible and get an in depth understanding of the Chosen People of Yahweh, and those who are not. Check out the Book of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 and there are many more scriptures similar to those.
      Satan has caused tremendous confusion among all peoples of the the Earth of who the One and Only True Creator is. So clear your confusion, find the Truth and get ready for the coming Savior of the World (Yahshua Messiah).

      1. Dear soldier4yeshua

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        The most common spoken errors among men are:

        Jesus is God. But not the only god.
        Jesus is not the Messiah
        Jesus was a Palestinian
        Jesus is not God
        Jesus died in Kashmir in India.
        Jesus and Khrisna are the same.
        Jesus will not send anyone to hell
        Jesus became God after he was baptized
        Jesus was married.
        Jesus did not die on the cross
        Jesus went to Hell
        Jesus will not come back.
        Jesus came back in the Catholic Eucharist

        And so on…All of these errors occure, because false teachers have nulified scriptures and made them void, to all who have been tricked to listen to their message. Paul warns us about people preaching a “different Jesus”.

  16. I am a Roman Catholic, and I never realized how much the Jews hated us Catholics. In my innocence, I assumed that Jews had to be nice people… loving Jesus and Mary were Jews. Now , I see the hatred on this blog, and started looking in my Bible for reasons. I found in Luke 19: 41-44 that Jesus wept for the Jews….and for their rejection of his peace. I also listened to a show ‘Faith in History’, and found that the now Israeli country was founded in exchange for the science of acetone usage in making explosives. Israel’s first leader, Chaim Weizmann, was that scientist. How ironic that the Israelis now live in constant fear of explosives (rockets from Palestine, and now nuclear from Iran). Maybe, the Jews should listen to the Pope’s words of peace. Jesus gave him….as the successor of Peter…the authority to bind and loose in Heaven (Matt. 16: 13-19). I hope the Jews don’t reject Jesus’ peace a second time. God Bless!

  17. Shalom Ivar,

    I do agree with you. The wolves in sheep’s clothing, false prophets and mainly the Babylonian whore has twisted the truth of Yahweh and turned people away from it both Jews and non-Jews. It is indeed sad to see this confusion of minds.

    1. Exposing the truth is not hate. If you think so, its obvious you have not abided in the Words of Jesus. Read the book of Revelation, Jesus tells people to repent and get out of fake churches or they will be killed with death and their children as well. Jesus, as he walked the earth, called some of the Pharisees children of the devil and even turned the tables over in righteous indignation when the men outside the temple were selling animals. Telling people the truth out of love and wanting them to be saved,and not fooled by evil, is LOVE, not hate.

  18. No race or religion is free of the stain,blood has washed the lands in the name of god but by the hand of man well before the catholic popes,to some degree they,the catholic church has owned up to its horrid past and current pedophilia issues and of course the pope needs to do more .but here we are in 2015 and we have an extreme Islamic group isl committing the most horrific murders of people,there own brothers and sisters that practice the Islamic faith,not the one they Isl push. they are beyond sick and depraved to believe that this pleases god as with the crusades forcing conversion does not open the door to god or a place in paradise,nor does beheading,beatings,rape torture or setting people alight these are the actions of men who wish to overrule gods law and the lands to there own advantage.every religion thinks they have the true word ,the bible the quaran the torah the woman and children ,blow the rest away and start anew maybe thats wrong of me to think but they have dragged the world into this and because this is about sharia law and total control of islamic religion the UN CANNOT IN ALL HUMANITY sit on there hands and watch this happen. it will not stop! GOD maybe its time to step up and save your sheep!!!!!!

  19. Those who hate this blog are just dumb sheep still asleep and will wake up only when death and destruction come to their door – BEWARE its already here. Read the Book of Revelation “THE FOUR HORSEMEN of the SWORD, FAMINE, PLAGUES, & WILD ANIMALS (all causing Death & Destruction of humanity).

    This blogs brings out the truth about the “murderers” of humanity from time immemorial yet many choose to live with a thick veil covering their eyes or better still bury their heads deep into the stand not wanting to see, hear, or learn the Truth from others. This sort of ignorance is not bliss but destruction of their lives and in particular destruction of their souls. Wake Up!! Before its too late. And be advised that the World Clock has been moved to 2 minutes before midnight – What does that tell you?? – What more are you waiting for??

    1. Dear soldier4yeshua

      Shalom, and love in Yeshua.

      Thanks for blessing me. This kind of comments will keep me on the blogg. It is an hnor to serve the true Church of the Messiah.

  20. Man has fractured religion to suit his own wants .It is nature that brings plagues, and famine war and destruction by man we should not be so ignorant in this modern world to believe it is GODS doing he is above that pettiness It is mans greed,selfishness,and ego it seems that Islam still dwells in the dark ages,and sets Mohammed as the highest and most valid of the prophets. He was a man of flesh and blood who took children as wives and indulged in earthly pleasures,turning to GOD later in life.Jesus preached the word of God as a child and devoted his entire life and death to GOD and in doing so brought about Christianity around 33 AC,long before Mohammed existed.Why would we convert to Islam or put another prophet above our own ,that we have been born and raised to believe in Our faith and following is valid to us just as is yours.Man has corrupted the scriptures to suite and i think all of us need to realize that our relationship with GOD should be our own and dwell in our hearts GOD only wants of us to have faith in him,love,tolerance and mercy to each other.Are any of us really doing so ?,

  21. The silliest bunch of tripe I’ve sen in a long, long time.
    The Bible is the result of the Catholic Church’s compilation, authority and desire to have reliable scriptures to use in the Holy Mass. The Bible originally had 73 books, but the religion you follow has only 66….why is that?
    And, if you like numbers what does having a bible of only 66 books mean symbolically? 🙂
    This posting is riddled with outright falsehoods. For more reliable, historical and (yes,) Biblically accurate accounts of the history and truths of Christianity, try
    Pax et bonum,

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