Madonna: A witch returns to Opus Dei

The internet is buzzing with claims that Madonna is leaving Kabbalah for Opus Dei, a Roman Catholic group with a long history.

Not burnt at stake. Madonna rather played the savior of the World on stage.

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone grew up in a strict Roman Catholic home in Detroit, Michigan. She lost her mother at a young age and left home around 19 years age to make it big in New York City. To this day she has sold over 300 million albums.

She has been known for pushing the envelope in her concerts, overtly sexual and condemned by the Vatican when she put herself on a cross with a crown of thorns around her head.

Opus Dei would not approve of this performance.

When asked why she wore a crucifix she answered, “Crucifixes are sexy because there’s a naked man on it.”

According to “Madonna: An Intimate Biography”her mother was a devout Catholic who knelled on dry rice during lent and slept on wire hangers for penance. If her Aunt came over wearing zip fly jeans, her mother would cover the statues “eyes” and turn the” holy pictures” around to face the wall so that they wouldn’t have to “look” at her attire.

Lets go deeper into the facts around Madonnas return to the Catholic faith from Jewish mysticism found in the Kabbalah Movement. But first, take a look at one horrible image, that lead tens of thousands of young teen girls towards lesbian sex.

Sexual immorality like this leads us towards the eternal flames of Hell.

Madonna is a witch that has perverted a whole generation of Music lovers. Madonna has even been seducing some of our Music stars on the stage, perversions covered by live TV. Britney Spears became one of her victims.

Lets also look at some more pictures, that exposes Madonna and her sexual immorality and witchcraft.

Madonna sitting on one of the thrones of Satan.
Madonna do not hide the evil forces within her.
There seems to be nothing but darkness under her skin.
Madonna plays on sex and perform acts of perversion on stage.
Madonna has a unisex body. Looking for her next victim.
A female is seduced on stage, by a drunk Madonna. Horrible witchcraft of Jezebel exposed.
The cross around her neck will not save this lost soul. Her sins are unlimited. Repent or perish.

Back to Madonnas spiritual life.

Madonna found Kaballah after rejecting Catholicism. Kaballah is a form of Jewish mysticism. Christian Apologetics and Research Research lists the following tenets make up Kabbalah:

  1. God has 10 aspects through which creation was realized.
  2. The the truths of Kabbalah were given to the angels first, then to Adam, then Abraham, and finally to Moses.
  3. The human soul preexisted before coming to earth.1
  4. Reincarnation of the soul.
  5. Higher realms of consciousness
  6. Multiple universes
  7. The interconnectedness of all levels of consciousness, angels, demons, thoughts, incarnations, etc.
  8. “There are four primary archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael.2
    1. “Liliel is the Angel of the Night…Lilith is considered to be the arch she-devil.” Sandalphon is the angel of prayer as is Michael.3
  9. There are two Messiahs, one from the lineage of Joseph and the other from David.4
  10. The fall of Adam and Eve was the result of a failure to make a rectification that would bring “the universe to a new level of consciousness.”5
  11. It is possible to have a direct experience with God without the need of a mediator such as Jesus.

I need to make it clear that the Kabbalah mentioned in the list above is not the same Kabbalah some orthodox Jews practice.

There is quite a wide opinion scale among practicing Jews and many abhor the above practice that embraces reincarnation.

Although Madonna has been a devoted “Kabbalahist,”  for the past 15 years, she recently visited an Opus Dei center in London according to the Mirror

Her apparent departure from Kabbalah is due to Kabbalah leaders squandering money from her Malawi charity. She was so disillusioned, she decided to seek another religion.

She apparently spent this past Friday speaking to Catholic priests and was intrigued with the organization.

Opus Dei is known for the movie Divinci Code. The movie stirred up lots of questions and Opus Dei explained their position publicy.

The organization was founded by Josemaría Escrivá in Spain in 1928. Some say Opus Dei ‘s practices border on masochism. The organization  believes in ‘mortifying the flesh,’ and admits to using sharp instruments to bring one self pain in order to “suffer with Jesus” and offer this suffering up to ‘god’ for the reparation of one’s sins.

The cilice is strapped around your leg or arm with the points going down into the skin, causing wounds.

This instrument is used by some members of Opus Dei to get closer to ‘god.’  Most likely celibates used the cilice, but some devout married also use this practice.

Wikipedia explains Opus Dei members follow this list as a sort of ordinance:

For Madonna to join Opus Dei, she must be a practicing Catholic, obedient to Church teaching. She would need to be in good standing with the Catholic Church and a frequent recipient of the sacraments.

Madonna promotes the One World religion, where Islam and Judaism will merge.

It is not a far jump from Kabbalah to  the mysticism of Opus Dei. Both practice the worship of a false god and not the God of the Bible. The mysticism spoken of is the same mystery   Babylon.

It’s clear Madonna has been surrounded by the lies of demons. She is being passed from one demonic influence to the next.

Opus Dei will not give her the freedom she is looking for, but lead her into the depths of Catholicism, lost- looking for the hope and salvation that comes from faith in Him alone. Beating yourself until you bleed does not bring you closer to Jesus.  Cultish–membership in an organization does not bring freedom in Jesus. If she left Kabbalah because of the faults of men, she will continue to be disappointed over and over again. She needs to stop putting trust in man, and put all her trust in Jesus of Nazareth.

Only repenting of her sinful life and putting her faith in Jesus the Messiah will set her free.

Galatians 5:1

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

Galatians 1:9

As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned!

Written by Ivar


58 thoughts on “Madonna: A witch returns to Opus Dei


    1. Dear Anonymous.

      Shalom, and thanks for this warning.

      I feel it is right to let even Children know that there is devils walking on the Earth, and that they are presented as hero’s, angles and well doers. The ugly truth. Families need to wake up from their slumber, and take a stand to protect their own children. I hope and pray that this articles will be a final warning.

      1. I am from Rochester mi and knew Madonna growing up. Her family was in a secret society. She grew up going to rituals and practicing satanism. Her father was one. She was never really Catholic. I
        t’s a front

  2. No, thank you, I don’t accept your “Shalom” in this case. You clearly have warped standards on what kids should be allowed to see. My kids do not worship madonna or any other worldly idols. They should not be subject to dirt like this, when all I am trying to do my whole life is to protect them from crap like that. There are standards and decency protocols on how to post materials like that. They can barely read, but their eyes can see everything. Meaning, no they will not read your story or take to heart your “moral warning”. All they will see and remember is madonna’s nipples and kissing lesbians…. THINK!!! I clearly regret this is happening on this blog…


    1. Dear Anonymous

      Shalom, and love in Jesus the Messiah.

      That you do not accept my “Shalom”, gives me the challenge to re-think. I can reduce the size of the picture that are offensive.

      This blog do belong to Jesus, approved by Him, and honored by His faithful readers. If there is a majority of readers who feel this article should be withdrawn, I am ready to push the delete button. Let me know what you feel.

      1. Dear All readers.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus the Messiah.

        Some of the pictures of Madonna might be offensive. To avoid weak people falling into temptations, I have down sized them.

        Please read the story, about a witch coming back to the folds of the Roman Catholic Church, the house of demons.

        I hope and pray this story still expose the satanic realities inside modern “pop culture”, and in particular makes people see the true colors of Madonna. Be aware that what you allow your kids watch on “innocent” music video’s are highly demonic.

    2. “”All they will see and remember is madonna’s nipples and kissing lesbians…. “”

      And if 1 day you and your happy familly met a couple of lesbian kissing on the street for real (it’s not illegal in my country and in many other) what are you going to do ? erase them ?

      1. Helene,
        The pictures that Ivar did end up removing, these were pictures of things you would not legally see in public.

    3. Anonymous…….what you should really do is discontinue internet service for your children if you want them to be oblivous to the world.
      What you keep from them early in life will be what haunts them in their later years when your not there to keep their eyes closed……… Educate them on right and wrong….show them what is right and wrong……..let them see what right and wrong is like the person responsible for this blog….then give them free will just like our Father in Heaven gives us……

      1. Revised

        Hi Anonymous…….what you should really do is discontinue internet service for your children if you want them to be oblivous to the world.
        What you keep from them from early in life…… could be what haunts them in their later years when you’re not there to keep their eyes closed………
        Educate them on right and wrong….show them what is right and wrong……..let them see whats right and wrong………. like the person responsible for this blog is trying to do….…. give them free will just like our Father in Heaven has given to us……

  3. I think you are confusing the point… there is nothing wrong with the overall message of this article. Well written and to the point. However, I would challenge your discernment by claiming it is “approved by Him” part… reducing the size of pictures does not make madonna’s nipples and kissing lesbians any less offensive or inappropriate for little kids who cant even read and accidentally be exposed to this site when their parents are innocently reading a christian blog. Think about it this way, the size of an idol, does not make it a smaller idol… reducing the size of the picture, does not reduce the size of evil that is behind it… no reason to give devil a chance for other’s to enjoy his “work” on this site. there is plenty of room for it everywhere else. I like this blog. keep it clean. There is no reason to go down to hell’s level to explain how hellish it is. rise above it. stay professional.


    1. Dear Anonymous.


      No reason to give devil a chance for other’s to enjoy his “work” on this site.

      My reply:

      I would like to hear what other readers feel about this issue, before I give any further comments.

      Let me remind you about an appeal from Paul.

      Ephesians 5:11
      Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

      1. Dear Victoria


        I am open for suggestions. News That Matters is a blog where there are pictures published that will be branded as provocative to some readers. Shall I put up a general warning?

        I wanted feedback from our faithful readers. You did not say what you feel is right?

      2. I do think there should be a warning before one scrolls down and sees the pictures. There is a picture of Madonna having sex with two others that is particularly crude, and it would have an R or maybe even an X rating elsewhere.

      3. Dear Victoria.


        I am open for evaluation of my journalistic work. I am also more than capable of doing mistakes, and need to be corrected in love.

        I do not need to publish pictures of the sexual perversion’s of Madonna on News That Matters. I have removed the pictures of Madonna in acts of perversion with two other females. The lesbian kissing pictures have been made small, so that no one shall be lead into temptations. The picture of a drunk Madonna on stage seducing a female is nothing but vulgar. It exposes this Pop Star, and deserves our attentions, rebukes and warnings.

      4. Ivar,

        I do think a “graphic warning” is appropriate. I understand “anonymous” concern. I have two children a 10 year old and an 8 year old. One has no access to the internet, while the other only goes to one website, to design dresses. I honestly have never pictured a child reading your website, but yes I do know children have easy access to the internet today, when their parents are not monitoring them.

        The story is well written. The photos of Madonna add to her sinful exposure. By posting a warning, man has a choice to make whether to view the photos or not. We cannot sugar coat anything in this society. I am from a city where there are billboards up that are sexually perverted.

        To warn others to stay away from Madonna, and run to Christ is a great thing, for our Messiah is near.

        God Bless

  4. Ivar,
    All you have to do is put a black line across the offensive material.
    It’s easy to attack the messenger in these dark days.
    I’ve noticed that few believers obey the scripture Ephesians 5:11 and those who do are always roundly attacked by the religious pharisees.
    I will address a taboo in the modern evangelical church manipulated by an evil spirit.
    Where are the men ?,/b>
    I’ve also noticed that it’s always the dominant controlling ‘religious’ feminist spirit that raises it’s ugly head against all men of God who are called to be men and not sissified,weak,neutered and fearful.
    Let the guilt remain where it should and thank you Ivar for exposing us to the ugly,unsanitized reality of evil in our midst.

    1. Marcel,

      I do not agree with you calling anyone “a dominant controlling religious feminist spirit.”

      We are called to speak to each other respectfully, and rebuke in the name of Jesus Christ if need be.

      If someone causes an “uproar”, we are to approach peacefully. That is what the Word of God says.


      1. Dear all readers.


        If you want to avoid your daughter ending up as a prostitute, you should show her the ugly pictures of prostitution. Show her broken noses, blood, body parts destroyed by sexual transmitted sickness and other real stuff.

        If you do not want your daughter ending up as a lesbian, please show her the picture of a raving drunk Madonna raping a teen with her mouth on the stage. Also show pictures of Madonna’s puke at the walls off toilets, pictures from parties that no one can remember, dirt, filth and perversions in every corner. Show also the prison cells of drug addicts. Show them what sin is all about, and tell them they have a choice. Tell them to reject it, and embrace Jesus.

        News That Matters is a family site. There should be nothing on this site that will not mirror the World, a fallen and corrupt place, doomed for judgment and destruction. Tell your children about the solution. His name is Jesus, and His rescue mission will bring lost souls into the Kingdom of Heaven.

      2. ‘I do not agree with you calling anyone “a dominant controlling religious feminist spirit.’

        So Gloria ,should I listen to you or listen to God ?

        Personally I love Elijah’s godly approach towards the ‘dominant,controlling, feminist,pseudo-religious spirt’ of his day.
        Judgment begins at the house of God and the witches who manipulate,control and intimidate the servants of God from within the church should be shaking and twitching because they are marked for destruction as Jezebel was.

      3. Dear Marcel.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        It is true that Jezebel is a “a dominant controlling religious feminist spirit”. But I do not think this spirit wants to block display of vulgar pictures of sin, and outright sexual perversion.

        Jezebel is surely a spirit that indulge in sexual immorality. Just like Madonna. I feel Madonna will be displeased with this article, and the pictures that are exposing her witchcraft.

        Revelation 2:20
        Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols.

      4. Dear Marcel.


        Its interesting that you brought up the issue of the spirit of Jezebel, in connection to this article of Madonna. Elijah wanted to expose the false prophets that dined at the table of Jezebel. Satan do not want his false prophets to be exposed.

        In regards to pictures of sexual sins and perversions, we must not be to quick to throw the Jezebel card. There are weak souls who are lead into sinful sexual temptations by Satan, by simply looking at pornographic pictures. We have to respect those who feel there is a limit on what kind of pictures a Christian website should display. Where to draw the limit, will surely be a matter of disagreements.

  5. ‘We have to respect those who feel there is a limit on what kind of pictures a Christian website should display’

    Yes I do agree,but lets not ignore the elephant in the living room.
    Peter would be rejected today,too harsh,where is the love and gentleness,how repulsive,run out for the stunt he did in front of the women and children and his gall, his nerve to do it in front of the Church during service.
    Acts 5:1-11
    The majority of the modern day Christian ladies would have been offended and this is why we are going to see it repeated.

    Eventually we will have to face and deal with the sin in the Church where men have turned into women and the women into men.
    There is not much difference between the world and the Church today.

    1. Marcel,
      Since it seems you don’t like for men to take any advice from Christian women—why don’t you explain to me and the other women reading this what God says in His Word about slandering. You accuse people you don’t even know for having the spirit of Jezebel.
      Please give us some advice about what the Word of God says about slandering and judging a servant of the Lord.

      1. Dear Victoria.


        We must acknowledge that the spirit of Jezebel is a problem within our churches today. You seem to be accusing the claimed accuser. When I read Marcel’s message, I can not see an accusation against a particular person. He was not accusing a person he “do not know”. And your name was surely not mentioned. I read a general warning against a dangerous spirit. We should take such warnings seriously.

      2. Ivar,
        Who are you kidding? You really don’t know who and what Marcel was talking about? What is happening with you?
        Marcel was talking about women who tell you what to do, and he was talking about Christian women. And there were three women who posted to you against the pictures you displayed. I guess I’m supposed to question common sense now since you go against it?

        And where did I say he was talking about me? You trying to go against me with absurdity.

      3. Dear Victoria


        I am not sure I want to debate this issue with you. That Is my freedom in Jesus.

    2. Marcel.
      Please don’t include me in your categorical evaluation of the majority of Christian women. Many women I know are spiritual lions. Embracing all of the counsel of God and stronger than men. They would agree with Peter without batting an eyelash.

      1. Dear Sue, Gloria and Marcel.

        Acts 5:1-11, Madonna, Sapphira and Ananias.

        I can see Madonna wearing a huge cross around her neck. She claims to be a Christian, a “baptized” Roman Catholic who now returns to the fold inside the Vatican formed Opus Dei.

        Can a born again believer lie to the Holy Spirit? Can Peter “kill” born again believers? Do Jesus approve of such acts?

        The truth must be that all of them, Madonna, Ananias and Sapphira were fake believers. Or at least has rejected the narrow path that leads us through the narrow gate to the Kingdom of Heaven. They all place them self outside the mercy and grace of Jesus, faced and will face stern judgment and eternal wrath.

  6. Ivar.
    I don’t consider Madonna a fake believer. She couldn’t pass for a believing Christian with 100 crosses around her neck.
    Peter didnt kill. The Lord in His justice took them out so all would fear Him.

    1. Dear Sue.


      Can Jesus kill born again Christians? Was Sapphira and Ananias born from above? Do they have to spend eternity in Heaven or Hell?

      The Bible gives the answer. Sin against the Holy Spirit will NOT be forgiven. This is the fact, either we like it or not.

    1. Dear Sue.

      Whoever Madonna is, and what she is doing: I guess she is sailing in the same boat as a lot of people who are sinning against the Holy Spirit?

      1. Dear Sue.


        Radically saved people, leads people to faith in thousands. Think about the fantastic moment, if Madonna walks on stage and confess her sins and perversions? If she gives glory to Jesus, and tell others to burn her music videos, and rather listen to Gospel music?

        Can it happen?


        Will Jesus be willing to save Madonna?

        That answer will forever remain with Him. Not before we are in Heaven, we will come to know for sure.

  7. The Lord gives life and He takes it away. A politician recenly declared that God couldn’t stop him from winning an election. That night he had a heart attack and died. True story. God will not be mocked.

    1. Dear Sue.

      Shalom, and greetings on resurrection day.

      Absolutely correct. God can not be mocked. Truth mockers will most likely not be saved. Truth seekers shall find the truth, and Jesus has promised He will save them.

      Many have been puzzled with what sin against the Holy spirit is. I guess it is to present a different Jesus, walk in a different spirit , and give people a different Gospel. That is a rejection and a mockery of the Spirit of truth.

      The problem with many people who have been deceived, is that they will claim that you have been deceived. Only The Holy Spirit can set them free. If Jesus do not want to save such people, what can we do?

  8. Happy Resurrection Day. I thought blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was knowing the truth than hardening your heart to it.
    I have been told I blasphemed the Holy Spirit for leaving the RCC.

    1. Dear Sue.


      If you obey the Holy Spirit, and hold on to the teachings of Jesus, you will never sin against the Holy Spirit. We must be careful, and not quickly accuse others of sinning against the Holy Spirit. Because this is a topic that is challenging. We can never fully know what the Holy Spirit is about to do. But we have the scriptures as our map and compass. Let your words and actions be inline with the scriptures.

      The story of Sapphira and Ananias will forever stand as a stern warning to all of us. When you receive a clear cut message in your heart that is Biblical, obey. Do not delay. Never claim that Jesus spoke a single word that was not correct. He is always correct. I am not.

  9. ‘Many have been puzzled with what sin against the Holy spirit is. I guess it is to present a different Jesus, walk in a different spirit , and give people a different Gospel.’

    Jesus spoke this to the established and greatly honored religious people of the day who said he was casting out devils by the power of Satan.
    Today we have the same religious establishment which serves man and not God with all the religious trapping the Pharisees had.
    As they(the religious) hated Jesus they hate His own who expose them and their religious hypocrisy.

    1. Again i see an article on a woman who is performing satanic acts, just like Lady Gaga and many more in the pop/rock industrie.

      It is good to warn our youth for the pop/rock industrie in general. The motives behind the MTV industrie is more than just making money, it is to steal the souls of youth, to capture them while they are young!

      The following is a quote from pastor Joe Schimmels website Good Fight Ministries where you can find a very clear insight on the cult of MTV;

      “The strongest appeal you can make is emotionally. If you can get their emotions going, make them forget their logic, you’ve got them. AT MTV, WE DON’T SHOOT FOR THE 14-YEAR OLDS, WE OWN THEM”. (MTV is Rock Around the Clock, Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 3, 1982)

      and the following quote by Madonna herself about homosexual exposures:

      “They digest it on a lot of different levels. Some people will see it and be disgusted by it, but maybe they’ll be unconsciously aroused by it. If people keep seeing it and seeing it and seeing it, eventually it’s not going to be such a strange thing” (The Advocate, May 7, 1991, pg.49)

      So, based on Madonna’s own admition i share the opinion that it would be better to leave these exposing pictures to MTV because of the damage it can do in desensitizing the viewers.
      Or at least put some kind of warning upfront.

  10. Hi,

    Opus Dei is not what you think. I know many people of Opus Dei and they are great people. Saint-Jose Marie is a great saint by the way. You should watch the movie “there be dragons” which is a great movie about this Saint. It is hypocrite when you say that the salvation comes from Jesus alone when… It is true, but what about the Bible which the Church gave us ? What about the Church that Jesus built with his apostles and successors as authorities ? What is in Davinci code is fiction. Opus Dei is a great organization that makes Jesus know to the world and that makes a lot of good. I’m not a member, but the founder was a great man and their members are amazing people. I would be happy that Madonna meets the Lord and the forgiveness of her sins. It is amazing what a priest can do with the sacrament of reconciliation, which is given by Jesus to forgive sins like in John 20,22. I experienced it many times, and there is nothing like it in the whole world.

  11. its fanatics leaving things like this site around that are the danger we should be educating our children and selves about religion not conducting witch hunts that truely make us no better than those being hunted.

  12. Kabbalah witches and witchdoctors have cast their charm spells on American Catholic/Christians tricking them into backsliding into practicing the anti-Christ ritual of infant prepuce excision sacrificing. The neurological functions of both sexes prepuces are to cause sexual arousal when physically stimulated, and cutting these nerves can be/is being used as racism, ethnic cleancing, religious exteminations, to cause sexual dysfunctions, eugenics and genocide, on the sons of weak minded superstitious people.

  13. I AGREE 100% with: “It is right to let even children know that there are devils walking on the earth, and that they are presented as heroes, angels and well-doers.”

  14. You are joking right? Clearly whoever wrote this article knows nothing about Madonna. You can’t take clips from a video and claim she looks evil. That’s ridiculous! Madonna promotes love and equality and just an artist. She’s not a prophet!

  15. No one can condemn her but the Lord (being perfectly righteous, He is the only one who is worthy to condemn anyone). However, we have a right and a duty to judge her behavior as sinful and to warn others about the folly of getting caught up in her sin. She is just one of many, many entertainment celebrities who believe that sexual perversion is a matter for joking. If they do not repent, the joke will be on them, unfortunately.

  16. such hate for one person is amazing coming from people who should promote love and acceptance. shame on you all

  17. I wonder how Church lose its mind if learned that Judas Iscariot is GENUINE JESUS and that Judas is embodiment of Heaven and was ANGEL OF GOD betrayed by Apostles and Fake Jesus aka “Son of Man” along with Magdalen (Sorceress Vampire Witch!). So called People of “The Faith” condemning Madonna, but not being taught GENUINE GOSPEL because Satan is CHRIST and Satan is not Synonymous with Devil (False Satan or False Lucifer!). Its not God/Satan/Lucifer/Christ that People hate but Fake! Despite all Religious & Occult Confusion? THE PRIMORDIAL CHAOS is one that Ultimately decides not Fake King James Bible nor Kabbalah nor Opes Dei and Roman Catholic Church. Best Regards Sky/Aon

  18. I must go with my internal truth. There are too many “pro” idiots flailing their feelings without much truth. It should be so simple… Look not to how you generally FEEL about a certain thing, but rather how your internal god-soul answers the topic. Ivarfjeld, you’ve got it right ( as far as I’m concerned). This Phantom of Opera person, you like to confuse issues. Truth will out! Ignore stupidity, think for yourself. Bye now, by God.

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