Baseless Apartheid accusations against Israel

The former U.S. president Jimmy Carter was in December 2006 quoted by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz for saying: « Israeli policy in the West Bank represented instances of apartheid worse even that those that once held sway in South Africa».

This statement must have made Carter very popular in the Islamic World. But does his claims make sense? What are the possible similarities between the Apartheid regime in South Africa who ruled from 1948 to 1991, and modern day Israel? And what are the obvious differences?

Those who claims that Israel is an Apartheid regime, claims that the Arab Muslim minority is discriminated based on their color, creeds, religion and race, compared to the civil rights of the Jewish majority in Israel.

Nothing could be further from the truth. While the black majority in South Africa was banned from voting, banned from organizing them self in political parties, jailed for their political opinions, banned from owning land, and banned from educating them selves to certain skills reserved for the white minority, all this civil rights are available for two million Arab Israelis, the majority of them Muslims.

In Apartheid South Africa, it was even a criminal offense for a white person to have sex with a black person. There was also a Law which banned appeals against forced removal of a black worker, robbing the black majority for any kind of basic human rights.

To the rather opposite of what the Islamic World and ex-president Carter claims, its the Radical Islamic World who have created several Apartheid regimes in the Middle East. Banning Jews and Christians from the same civil rights, which they wrongly claim the nation of Israel have denied its Arab Muslim population. The best proof of the true face of Islam, can be seen in Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus. After the Palestinian authority took over control of the city, the Christian population has been intimidated. Ultimately, the Christian population have declined from being a majority to become a minority of 20 per cent. During the Jewish control in Bethlehem, Christians enjoyed full protection and prosperity.

In Gaza, Hamas displayed its true colors when they executed their rivals in Al Fatah, by throwing them off the roofs of tall buildings. No justice, no mercy, only rootless evil. No rule of law, not even Apartheid-laws.

Written by Ivar

13 thoughts on “Baseless Apartheid accusations against Israel

  1. The accusation of apartheid has no true basis. I’ve been to Israel and seen first-hand how they treat Arabs. They have all the same civil freedoms and privileges as the Jewish majority. True, there is some ethnic tension, but what great country doesn’t have that? I’ve never seen a country where the ethnic majority has been so criticized as the Jews in Israel.

    Thanks for keeping watch on these important matters. Shalom!

  2. I was in Israel in 2008, and traveled to places like Shilo and Ariel in Samaria. If there is an Islamic regime change in Samaria and Judea, this new state will become the real Apartheid state in the Middle East. It will soon become ethnic cleansed for Jews and Christians. The Islamic World has no record of religious freedom, and respect for human rights. In Israel both Christians and Muslims enjoy such freedoms. For the best of the future of Arab Muslim children, both Judea and Samaria must continue to be under the control of the IDF and civil Israeli authority. All lovers of Israel regret that Radical Islam have forced Israel to set up a security fence to protect all citizens from terrorist attacks. This Israeli act of self-defense must be defended by all lovers of freedom.

  3. And so speaks a COLONIALIST Ivar!
    Full of hatred and self esteem of your own worth.
    Spreading blood and rhetoric to justify it.
    But you time will come.
    As it did in all post-colonial countries.

    Racist Zionist as you have no merit in real life.
    Only among likewise.


  4. Dear Antievil

    While I was reasoning with the motive of finding the best solutions for all people in the Middle East, you are the one who use rhetorics. And your words are completely without grace.

    Could there be anything good in Israel?

    Can you think of any positive side with the Jewish homeland?

    1. Ivar I dont know how you stand strong day in and day out I applaud your efforts. May God continue to bless you, your family as well as your ministry as you continue to alert us to deception.

      Anti evil needs to change his name.

      1. Dear Richard.


        I am under attack of Satan’s dark angles every day. I am also under rebukes and discipline of Jesus my Master every day.

        The good news is that when I do not have control, Jesus is fully in control. He has promised to never leave me, nor forsake me. Without His mercy and grace, I would not be able to stand. The wind will get stronger as we approach the end game.

        But those who have been washed by the blood of the Lamb of God has nothing to fear.

        Put all your trust in Jesus, and trust Only Him. I trust Him more than I trust my self.

  5. Dear expantat.

    Thanks for a positive comment. This kind of flowers, motivates me to keep on blogging. I have not heard from antievil for some time. I hope and pray he is well, and that God of Israel has started to bring him to repentance?

  6. Keep living in your fantasy world
    This world is not run by the fictive “God of Israel” but by international charters and laws, so go shove him where the sun never shines.
    Israel is the single largest breacher of international laws, and the country that has had most UN resolutions condemning its racist ethnic cleansing and murderous actions in the world. (if in doubt, go on and check for yourself)
    Standing behind this false state makes you accomplices, and surely your God will punish you for that, as the holy texts clearly describes God as one who doesn’t like injustice no matter who it is even the so called “chosen people”. Therefore, roast in Hell Bastards…

    1. Dear Stefan

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      The World is ran by Satan. Man is in his fallen nature and needs to be saved. International laws and charters is not going to save man. The World is a wicked place, full of selfishness, injustice, violence and hate.

      What is the solution?

      Most men will end up in Hell, because they mock the only person who can save them from the coming wrath of God. Jesus took my place on the cross, and took the punishment that i deserve.

      Jesus the Messiah is coming back to Israel. He has gather His people back home to face Him. The second coming of the Messiah is surely going to be tough for both Jews, Israeli Arabs and Arab Palestinians.

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