A Passover greeting that does not even mention “god”

I have earlier warned against the so-called International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem being anything but Christian. Their last passover greetings does not even honor “god”.

The political stuff from ICEJ.org is now so universal that it does not even honor "god".

The godlessness in the last days will come without limits.

ICEJ.org has distributed an official passover greeting, where Michael Oren, Ambassador of Israel to the USA, is used as the speaker.

The problems with the message, is more than obvious.

The rule of the last anti-Christ in Jerusalem will be honored by many. Obama and Michal Oren seems to be two on them.

We should expect from Christians that there should be one line, at least, about Yeshua (Jesus), in our official correspondence.

If not, do we really serve Him?

The Messiah is the Passover lamb of God. This is an important message to the Jewish people.

But such a message might be deleted. Some Christian Zionists seems to to everything they can to avoid any Jew being offended by the gospel.

The latest passover greeting distributed by ICEJ.org, is a good example. The message is so politically correct that even “god” has been deleted.

The The Israeli Ambassador to the US do greet the Arabs, and wish for “freedom in the Middle East”. But neither is the blood of the passover lamb in Egypt mentioned, nor does God of Israel get a single line that honor’s Him. He being the One who redeemed the people of Israel from the hands of the pagans.

Please take a look at at the ICEJ.org website:

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “A Passover greeting that does not even mention “god”

  1. The message from Michael Oren is very understandable. Michael Oren is Jewish, and obviously not a believer in Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel and the world.

    1. Dear Robert.


      Michael Oren is not a Christian, neither a Messianic Jew. So obviously He do not feel Jesus is our passover lamb. But who is Jewish? Is not a Jew called to be the chosen people of God of Israel? What is the value of a passover message that has totally deleted “god”?

      That ICEJ.org distribute such secular messages is regrettable. At least we who are Messianic believers, should honor God of the Bible, even when Jesus the Messiah is not the topic.

  2. It is amazing to me that Jesus gets no mention. Obviously it doesn’t matter what he did and who he is.
    He is the passover lamb. There is no lamb to come and sacrifice himself again. These people who are still
    celebrating passover are so blind. Pray that ther eyes are opened and ther ears hear or they will die
    and be forever seperated from the passover lamb that came and sacrificed himself for them.

    1. The message of the cross is offensive to those who are perishing. It is foolishness to them. But that does not mean that it is not to be mentioned. Evangelicals need not be concerned if they offend jews. To not mention the cross and Christ crucified will surely result in no harvest of jews
      into the kingdom of God. It will keep them in Satans kingdom

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