Swiss court: Ban on anti-Israel signs violates free speech

Swiss train service is ordered to allow signs that claim ‘Israel was established with violence on Palestinian land’‬‬

Islam has never denied its desire to destroy Israel. Now with support of a Swiss Court.

Members of the Palestine Solidarity Action first attempted to hang controversial posters in several locations within the station in 2009, but were ordered by the station’s management to take them down after three days.

The posters appeared to argue against Israel’s right to exist. “Sixty-one years of Israel, 61 years of injustice,” the sign read.

“A country without a people did not exist in the Middle East for the people without a country,” it claimed. “Israel was established with violence on Palestinian land. The injustice demands resistance!”

After being banned from hanging up their materials, the group appealed to the Federal Administrative Court in Berne, claiming that the measure violates their freedom of speech.


My comment:

It is strange that people in many European nations, have forgotten how their own nations were formed.

The majority of them came into existence after wars and revolutions.

Why single out Israel?

Was not the formation of the state of Israel the result of  a Jewish freedom struggle?

Absolutely yes. But it was not at all a fight against a “Palestinian people”. It was a fight against British occupation.

Were the British occupiers the correct owners of this land?

Was there ever a Palestinian people, who protested against the rule of London from 1917 AD to 1948 AD?

The correct answer is no.

And if not, when did the “Palestinian people” come into existence?

Before the United Kingdom kicked the Ottoman Empire out of Jerusalem, this land had been under Turkish occupation for 400 years. No PLO was formed to end the Turkish rule.

Only when the Jews returned to their ancient homeland, Islam and United Nations, creates a “Palestinian people”.

This people is a political entry, formed for the single purpose of destroying the Word of God, found in the Bible.

Because if the “Palestinians” are able to return in millions, the Jewish statehood will cease to exit. Than the Bible will be a false revelation from God, and “allah” the only true Master of the Universe.

Behold: The desert demon “allah” will not succeed. The Bible disclose the truth.

Jeremiah 31:35-36.

This is what the LORD says,
he who appoints the sun 
to shine by day, 
who decrees the moon and stars 
   to shine by night, 
who stirs up the sea 
 so that its waves roar,  the LORD Almighty is his name: 
 “Only if these decrees vanish from my sight,” 
 declares the LORD, 
“will the descendants of Israel ever cease 
to be a nation before me.”

One thought on “Swiss court: Ban on anti-Israel signs violates free speech

  1. bomb israel and make the world a better place. imagine the ME w/o zionists. why do we condemn arab terrorists, but take my stax dollars to pay for israeli terrorist. they should have been charged with war crimes re gaza 2009. though stupid religious nuts in america continue to protect israel based on some mythical bs buybull, glad to see that israel is not held in such high regard in europpe. palestine peace not apartheid should be a must read in american schools. know it won’t happen as long as fake white christian are in charge of rewriting history. the world knows what we deny. justice delayed til heaven is justice denied

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