“This Gaza-flotilla must be stopped”

Israel urges Europe to stop ‘Freedom Flotilla 2’ from sailing to Gaza.

The next Gaza aid flotilla might be of more than 15 ships. A huge provocation in a bid to trigger the Israeli navy.

Pro-Palestinian activists plan to set sail on anniversary of last year’s flotilla, when nine activists were killed in an Israeli commando raid.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Europe on Monday to do what it can to prevent its nationals from taking part in a flotilla scheduled to depart for Gaza in late May.

“This flotilla must be stopped,” Netanyahu told European ambassadors in Jerusalem.

The Cyprus-headquartered international Free Gaza movement and other pro-Palestinian organizations plan to send more than 15 ships to Gaza.

They are scheduled to set sail around the anniversary of last year’s lethal interception by Israel of the “Freedom Flotilla.”

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz.

My comment:

Israel sends thousands of trucks with aid into Gaza every week. All the foreign aid is shipped into the two Israeli sea ports of Haifa or Asdod.

Like in any other nation, the cargo ships have to go through custom clearance. The International community does not feel that such custom clearance is needed, for shipments to the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas.


Is this because the US, EU and Russia believe that Hamas is above International laws, or is it because the Global community feels that there will be nothing more harmful than chocolate in the containers sent by promoters of Jihad?

The truth is that the World is so blinded by Jew-hate, that anything goes as long as the only free and democratic state in the Middle East, are defamed or crippled.

This planned “aid flotilla” is another armada of fools. They make God of Israel their enemy. They have been deceived, and their crocked ways till not escape the coming wrath when the Messiah Jesus returns.

Written by Ivar

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