Barak splits the “political wing” of Hamas from Jihadist’s

Hamas attempts to push 750.000 Israelis in bomb shelters.

Ehud Barak seems to slide into an acceptance of "peace talk" with Islamic terrorists.

Ehud Barak is again making waves in Israeli Politics.
“You have the military wing of Hamas that shoots and the political wing that talks,” he said on Sunday.

After Vice Premier Silvan Shalom had rebuked the defense minister in public, Barak changed his statement.

“That isn’t precisely what I meant. I’m not exactly distinguishing between the two, you misunderstood. There is a political wing and there is a military wing but that doesn’t mean that there is any room to distinguish between the two.”

Than Barak underlined: “As far as we’re concerned, Hamas is responsible for everything in the strip and all the organizations that operate there. We will not accept any activities that harm our citizens, actions such as firing at a bus or attempts to put 750,000 citizens in bomb shelters”.


My comment:

Ehud Barak has joined the strategy of Washington. To be able to curb the military wing of Hizb’Allah, the US Government is ready to talk to the elected politicians of the Islamic terrorist organization.

Now a political recognition of Hamas is needed, to be able to find a “peaceful solution”.

You simply have to ask your self?

What was the difference between the political leadership in Nazi-Germany and the military leadership?

Was there anything to talk with Berlin about, as long as Adolf Hitler was leading the Nazi-flock?

The Nazi-rule in Berlin had to be removed. Both the political and the military. A peace treaty with Nazi-Germany in 1943 would not have lasted long. Hitler would just use the “peace” to rearm and continued to fight for World domain.

It is likewise with Hamas and Islamic rule in Gaza. The cancer must not be allowed to spread, but must be removed while deliverance and healing is still possible.

Written by Ivar

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