Swedish Lutheran priest: “Do not talk about sin and this cruel God”

Lutheran female priest Ulla Karlsson do not want to talk about sin. She claims God loves everyone, and will not judge anyone.

Lutheran priest Ulla Karlsson renounce God of the Bible as evil.

Priest Karlsson do not believe in the God that has separated men from Him because of our sins.

“Our picture of God and the view of mankind is dreadful and grotesk. A fallen creation, a sinful mankind. The God we worship is like a dictator in North Africa and the Middle East, who demanded blood of a man to be reunited with his own people“, explains Karlsson.

Than she comes up with the solution.
“Take away all talk about sin, guilt, shame , blood and slaughter of lamb. This is not relevant to our modern times of educated people”

Source: Swedish daily “Dagen”

My comment:

Why is this woman a priest in a Christian Church?

Is there no one who can give her a job somewhere else?

It must be vey painful for priest Karlsson to read the Bible. And even worse. She is paid to defend this evil and cruel God of the Bible.

I will suggest a contract with Mac Donald’s. To defend the creator of a good hamburger and tell people to eat it, is much less provocative than to tell people the gospel.

Isaiah 57:4
Whom are you mocking? At whom do you sneer and stick out your tongue? Are you not a brood of rebels, the offspring of liars?

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Swedish Lutheran priest: “Do not talk about sin and this cruel God”

  1. Thank you for moving me to read the whole chapter of Isaiah 57 again after a long time. Reading the whole chapter provides a different overall framework and perspective than just the one line you quote in the context of this article.

    God is Great!

    1. Dear Ray Joseph Cormier

      Shalom, and welcome back.

      I am blessed that my article was able to bless you today. May Jesus bless you, so that you seek Him and Obey Him.

      1. Dear Ray Joseph Cormier


        We are approaching the same spiritual disaster as in the day of Elijah. Alone He faced 600 false prophets. Today, within Christianity there is an equal amount of falsehood around everyone who tell the truth. The Word of God is the truth. Obey, and be blessed.

  2. @Gloria J:
    If the Swedish Christian newspaper Dagen (“The Day”) is to be compared to Dagon for referring what Ulla Karlsson has written (in another publication), then I suppose that this blog would be named “Breath of Baal” by you for referring the same thing? Shooting the messenger is rarely a good approach.

    1. i’m really sorry!, i said something really stupid. When i saw that women and all those idols all i could think of was her wearing the Roman Catholic “Fish Hat”

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