Vice President of Norway to challenge Israeli Navy

The Vice President of the Parliament of Norway will join the next convoy of Hamas-supporters.

Norwegian of Pakistani origin Akhtar Chaudhry.

Akhtar Chaudhry from the Socialist party of Norway is the Vice President of the Norwegian parliament. The Norwegian of Pakistani origin will join the next Islamic “aid convoy” who will sail towards Gaza.

“I will do this because Gaza is a collective prison, and have been so for many years. The people of Gaza need aid, and there is a need for political focus on this prison camp”, explains Chaudry.

“Norway will participate with 20 passengers. many of them are members of the Parliament”, proclaim Georg Morland, chairman i the NGO “Ship to Gaza”. The Norwegian member of parliament who all have confirmed their participation, are all members of the labor party.

Source: Norwegian Christian Daily “Vårt Land”.

My comment:

The Norwegian Muslims are a fifth column, that slowly removes the blessings that Jesus has given Norway for their earlier stand for Him. Now curses are quickly coming up on the Norwegian nation.

That Akhtar Chaudhry do not know His own best is regrettable. That he leads other Norwegian parliamentarians astray to believe the lies of Islam, is a spiritual tragedy for all Norwegians.

It is true that Gaza is a prison, and seems to be beyond hope of freedom and democracy. But the reason for this trauma, does not lie with Israel. The culprit is Islam, exemplified by the cruel and oppressive rule of Hamas.

The Norwegian Parliament is fooled to support what is wrong, and to curse the only free and democratic nation in the Middle East. What spiritual madness has entered into mankind, because of their rejection of God of Israel, and His Messiah Jesus of Nazareth.

The calling of the Jewish people, was and is to become a blessing to the whole World. And those who curse the Jewish people bring a curse up on their own head.

Genesis 12:3
I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Vice President of Norway to challenge Israeli Navy

  1. Amen, Ivar! And furthermore, they wouldn’t be painting this tragic picture of the gaza prison if the countries that caused the situation would take responsbility and offer aid. Israel did not cause the situation, they are blamed simply for standing their ground. The Islamic countries surrounding them caused the situation and then turned their backs on these people. But through deception, they have made the world believe that Israel is at fault… tragic!

    I pray for Israel, and for those that are arrogant and evil enough to try and harm her.

    1. I agree Akhtar “I will do this because Gaza is a collective prison, and have been so for many years. The people of Gaza need aid, and there is a need for political focus on this prison camp”, explains Chaudry.
      Or should I call you “fish bait” But you forget just who made that prison,,lets name a few Jordan , Egypt , Lebanon , to name a few…

      So, welcome your fellows aboard the SS FISH BAIT.. It will not go well with you or anyone that comes against the GOD OF ISRAEL

  2. Hey! Aktar,

    How come you are in Norway sitting pretty with that Vice President position and trying to show your muscles at Israel from Norway?

    Well, let me tell you something!

    Going back into Biblical history, the Philistines stole the Ark of our God (not your allah) from the Jews. God then brought His Almighty Hand down and struck the Philistines with mighty big “hemorrhoids” another word that you are probably familiar with is “piles” that were so inflamed that the Philistines had no choice but to return the Ark to their rightful owners.

    Now just in case you have forgotten or don’t know, the true fact is; ISRAEL RIGHTFULLY BELONGS TO THE JEWS.

    So if you have never experienced this terrible inflammation in the toosh, then better BEWARE! for the GREAT GOD OF ISRAEL will strike you with those same hemorrhoids perhaps worse … and if you are on the flotilla in the middle of the sea then think how excruciatingly painful that’s gonna be!! If you still wanna have it you way, then by all means get on the “SS FISH BAIT like b911 bear” said, but when you get to Gaza, don’t ever expect the Israeli doctors for help in order to rid the hemorrhoids off your hind!!

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