New Tool May Prove Your Relatives are Aliens

Researchers at MIT and Harvard say they want to find human DNA on Mars to prove that human beings started their lives in outer space.

Scientists say we will soon know if our ancestry originated on Mars.

Researchers are developing a tool that would distinguish between microbes that are living or have died within a million years.  They are also looking for DNA and scientist will compare what they find on Mars to Earth. Researcher Chris Carr, who is developing the tool said:

“It’s a long shot,”  “But if we go to Mars and find life that’s related to us, we could have originated on Mars. Or if it started here, it could have been transferred to Mars.”

Either way, Carr continued, “we could be related to life on Mars. So we should at least be looking for life on Mars that’s related to us.”

Scientists believe that Mars was wetter and warmer billions of years ago compared to the dry cold planet it is today.  Some believe Mars microbes colonized the earth while whizzing through interplanetary space, hitting the Mars surface by asteroid impacts.

If this is true, researchers say everything on earth can be traced back to Martians.

The Mars life chip being developed to find human DNA in space.

“It is not implausible that life on Mars will be related to life on Earth and therefore share a common genetics,” claimed astrobiologist Chris McKay of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif. “In any case, it would be important to test this hypothesis.”

The device being developed will look for Extra-Terrestrial life. The name of the tool is Search for Extra-Terrestrial Genomes, or SETG.  Any samples found will be tested for RNA and DNA and to check for any genetic sequences that resemble life on earth. This will determine how close we are related to Martians, according to developers of SETG.

Nasa and other space agencies will want to know if microbes found can affect the health of astronauts.

“From an astronaut health and safety point of view and from a return-sample point of view, there is more to worry about” if there are organisms closely related to us on Mars, McKay said.

“The goal is to have that system in two years, and then to put it through its paces in some challenging environments,” Carr said.

Mars may or may not have life,” Carr said. “If it does, we think there’s a chance it could be related to us. If in fact it is, we want to find it.”


My Comment:

These researchers WANT to find human DNA on Mars. They want to tell the world there is no God, and men were created from space aliens. This message is now being expressed in scientific circles as well as pop-culture. Can you see the delusion forming? It won’t be long until we are told to accept these demonic beings as part of the human race and that we can trace our family trees back to these evil entities. Those who will reject this doctrine of demons will be stopping the evolution of man and interfering with scientific ‘progress.’

2 Thessalonians 2:9

The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders

Written by Sue


3 thoughts on “New Tool May Prove Your Relatives are Aliens

  1. Watch the movie “Mission to Mars” it explains the theorie with great special effects – Nice movie by the way…

    Shabbat shalom :-)))))

  2. Scientists seem to be confused and disillusioned. The most proven scientific findings in quantum mechanics claim that every matter is energy particle and exist in multiple universe. That this particle are unpredictable as they can be in two or more universes at same time; and they exist a certain limit sharper than light by which they can be known. It is likely that the microbe at Mars or another place are made up of particles from a lot of universes. And universes are energy particles existing side by side.
    It is safer to believe in the teachings of the Church for the world is a land of faith. Man is enough because he is incharge of creation under the Creator of all existence. He has the infernal spirits to battle and these spirits take various forms to frustrate him and make him feel small. We must live as Jesus and be like Him. Then we find the right science to man’s questings.

  3. I am late to the party… forgive me. Good article. I too am almost completely convinced any creature one calls an alien is actually a demon. Thanks for your thoughts.

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