Focus on Libya leaves Iran off the hook

Libya is a sideshow. Containing Iran’s power remains the Obama team’s central goal in the Middle East.

The second Islamic revolution will end in unity, and a common fight to terminate all Jews.

Every decision is being examined under the prism of how it will affect what was, until mid-January, the dominating calculus in the Obama administration’s regional strategy:

How to slow Iran’s nuclear progress, and speed the arrival of opportunities for a successful uprising there.

In recent weeks the White House has concluded that it has much less to lose than the Iranians do if Syrian President Assad is swept away. And, as some in Mr. Obama’s war council have noted, if protesters succeed in Syria, Iran could be next.

Source: The New York Times

My comment:

The US  still  does not get it. The Muslim revolt in the Arab World is not about overthrowing dictatorship for pluralism and democracy.

The Muslim wants to replace the secular dictators with a religious totalitarian Islamic Caliphate.

Imams across the Arab world teach that only the Caliphate rule will place Islam as the ruler of the World, and Muslims will get more onions and cheaper petrol.

More and more radicalized Muslims believe that only the Caliphate can deal with Syria and Iran; for not doing enough to destroy the great Satan America and the Little Satan Israel.

Down the pipeline of this rebellion, comes Islamic unity. The Sunni and Shia Muslim will stop killing each other, and agree to fight the claimed to be “Western and Zionist evil” together.

Now only a perfect “peace plan” for the Middle East and the World will be able to stop them, a plan that meets the demands of the Muslim World.

The return of the 12 Imam and the final Anti-Christ will curb the Islamic violence, and fool the Jews into the false peace.

But while everyone say “peace, peace”, destruction will strike them all, as they ploy for the final holocaust of the Jewish people. They will be caught and judged by the return of Jesus, the Lion of Judah and offspring of Jewish King David.

1 Thessalonians 5:3
While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

Written by Ivar

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