The US gives Saudi’s free hands to destroy opposition in Bahrain

While the US use military force to promote “democracy” in Libya, Washington support the use of force to destroy the “freedom struggle” in Bahrain.

While regional attention is riveted by the ongoing unrest in Libya, Syria and Yemen, the government of Bahrain has been left in relative peace by the international community to continue its crackdown against the anti-government protest movement there, human rights groups say.

“The last few nights they been raiding houses and beating and arresting people,” Nabeel Rajab, the president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, told Babylon & Beyond, adding that approximately 400 people are either missing or in custody.
“Some people were also arrested at checkpoints controlled by thugs brought in from other Arab and Asian countries — they wear black masks in the streets,” Ragab said.

Source: Los Angeles Times.

My comment:

President Obama pick and choose which Islamic forces He wants to support, and which He wants to see oppressed and destroyed.

While the Jihadist forces that wants to remove Colonel Gaddafi is supported by the US Military, the US strongly support Saudi Arabia, who use force to destroy any local movement that wants to remove Islamic dictatorship.

This is hypocrisy, an exposure of double standards.

While Bahrain is the base of the US fifth fleet, Libya is not of strategic importance for Washington. If the Libyan rebels had been fighting against oppression inside Saudi Arabia, the US would not have lifted a finger to support their “freedom struggle”.

Written by Ivar

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