Israel releases map of Hezb’Allah bunkers

Israel declassified a map of what it says are 950 underground Hezbollah bunkers and weapons storage sites in south Lebanon.

The Islamic bunkers of Lebanon hides rockets ready to be fired into Israel.

The map, appearing Wednesday in the Washington Post, underpins Israeli frustration with the failure of the United Nations-mandated force in southern Lebanon to stop weapons smuggling since the end of the 2006 war.

Instead, Israeli leaders have said, Hezbollah’s missile strength is far greater than what it was before the war.

Israeli leaders fear what they believe is the recent consolidation of Hezbollah’s dominance of Lebanon’s government.

They are also worried about the likelihood that the group will strike against Israel, should a U.N. tribunal recommend the prosecution of the group’s leadership for the 2005 assassination of moderate political leader Rafik Hariri.

Sources: Washington Post

My comment:

Few years ago it was almost unthinkable that Lebanon would be ruled by an Islamic terrorist organization.

Today, Iranian backed Hizb”Allah is controlling the prime ministers office in Beirut.

The bunkers in Southern Lebanon is hideouts for Islamic terrorists. The bunkers are also full of rockets, ready to be taken up into the air, and being fired into Israel.

For the first time ever, a complete national defense system of one of Israels neighbors have becomes a tool for radical Islam.

The Israeli intelligence claim that there might now be more than 30.000 rockets in the arsenal of Hezb”Allah.  All of them ready to bring death and destruction on Israel in the name of “allah”.

Written by Ivar

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