NATO helps “allah” retake the city of Ajdabiya

Libyan rebels backed by extensive allied air raids have seized control of the frontline oil town of Ajdabiya.

Muslim bretheren slaughter Muslims in the name of "allah". The Islamic revolution is now supported by NATO.

The BBC’s Ben Brown says the rebels have made gains because of allied air raids

Insurgents have been celebrating amid the ruins of tanks and artillery pieces left behind after air strikes.
Gaddafi loyalists seized the town last week as they advanced east to quell an uprising which began in mid-February.

A Libyan minister said the army had left the town after the “heavy involvement” of Western forces.

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

The Rebels in Libya shouts “allah is great”.

At the NATO headquarter they must be happy too. The next time the generals raise the toast, they should join the Islamic World in their joy.

“Praised be Allah, the desert demon in the Middle East, and all military forces that remains loyal to him”.

It is almost not possible to imagine what kind of spiritual insanity that takes place inside Libya.

The Free Western World has finally resigned from the post of protecting freedom, and joined the forces that promotes a totalitarian and despotic religion.

Isaiah 59:6-8

6 Their cobwebs are useless for clothing;
they cannot cover themselves with what they make.
Their deeds are evil deeds,
and acts of violence are in their hands.
7 Their feet rush into sin;
they are swift to shed innocent blood.
They pursue evil schemes;
acts of violence mark their ways.
8 The way of peace they do not know;
there is no justice in their paths.
They have turned them into crooked roads;
no one who walks along them will know peace.

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