Palestinians looks for Israeli soldiers to kidnap

Balata resident hits soldier over head with rock, tries to steal his weapon.Traffic police officer shoots assailant in leg. ‬‬

Israeli soldiers fighting for freedom and democracy, risking their life.

A Palestinian man was shot Friday morning after he attacked an IDF soldier who was waiting at a hitchhiking post along Highway 90 in the Jordan Valley.

According to an initial investigation, the Palestinian came up from behind and hit the soldier over the head with a rock. A traffic police officer who happened to drive by the hitchhiking post and witnessed the incident shot the Palestinian in the leg.

The Palestinian, who apparently tried to steal the soldier’s rifle, sustained moderate gunshot wounds in the incident. The soldier, who was waiting at the hitchiking post alone for a ride home, suffered light injuries.

The soldier and the 20-year-old Palestinian, a resident of the Balata refugee camp in the West Bank, were both airlifted to Haddasah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.


My comment:

al-Fatah and Hamas has no guts to face Israeli soldiers in combat. The Islamic terrorists prefer to attack people who are smaller and weaker than themselves, like women and children.

Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by Islamic terrorists.

These bunch of cowards, also try to kidnap people. One Israeli named Gilad Shailt is kept as a hostage in Gaza, against all International laws and human rights.

When Islamic terrorists try to kidnap Israeli soldiers, the purpose is not to kill this Jew. The purpose is to get hundreds of criminals released from prison; it is a pure act of blackmail.

People who accept this kind of evil, become evil themselves. Together they will be sent off to eternal punishment in Hell.

Written by Ivar

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  1. The Wrath of The LORD is indeed filling up, HE wants so MUCH for people to BELIEVE HIS SON!!! HE waited for me to Repent and be Saved…HE is so patient HE wants no one to perish. So many just don’t want to be SAVED. If your hart does not hurt for the lost, i question if you are really saved.

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