Iran and Syria pose a greater security threat than Libya. The West should treat them all in the same way.

Israeli Foreign Minster Avigdor Lieberman refuse to dance to the tune of Washington.

After meeting French counterpart, Alain Juppe on Thursday, FM also says recent upsurge of violence on the Gaza border and Wednesday’s bomb attack in Jerusalem are ‘incitement’ by the Palestinians.

In a brief interview with Reuters after meeting his French counterpart, Alain Juppe, Avigdor Lieberman also said a recent upsurge of violence on the Gaza border and Wednesday’s bomb attack in Jerusalem were “incitement” by the Palestinians.

Lieberman did not explicitly call for military action against Syria and Iran, but he said: “I think that the same principles, activities the Western world (has taken) in Libya … I hope to see those regarding the Iranian regime and the Syrian regime.”

Source: israeli Daily Haaretz.

My comment:

The US and NATO have again displayed unlimited double games and hypocrisy.

I am not a fan of the mad Colonel in Libya, and the no-fly zone might save civilian life’s. But why not a similar no-fly zone over Saudi Arabia?

The Islamic Kingdom has invaded Bahrain, to destroy the popular uprising?

Why is the life of civilians in Libya, see as more important than life of civilian’s in Bahrain?

How come the US and NATO had been unwilling to protect civilian’s in Iran, and in Yemen?

The pick and chose Middle East Policies of Washington is going to fail, and badly back-fire on the so-called Western Democracies.

The US protect dictators who are on the payroll of Washington, and tries to remove a dictator that exposes the US as an imperialist power, with no moral, no scruples beyond what can be measured in US dollar and oil reserves.

In the shadow of the war in Libya, Iran continue to develop nuclear weapons. The shouts of “death of America” and ‘death to Israel” is getting louder.

Psalm 26:4
I do not sit with the deceitful, nor do I associate with hypocrites.

Written by Ivar