Hamas missile hits suburb of Tel Aviv

A rocket from Gaza landed in the Rishon Lezion area. Less than 15 kilometers south of Tel Aviv.

Hamas has rockets than can hit Tel Aviv. The latest missile attack is just one of multiple provocations.

Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon said on Thursday that Israel “will not be tolerant of any escalation.”

Speaking in the US, Ya’alon said that Israel will not tolerate “terrorist attacks or shooting rockets at our citizens.”

He said that the war against terror “requires a long battle, but it will not stop us from taking care of whoever shoots at Israel, as they have in the last few days or sends terrorists to the center of cities.”

“Whoever does this will not be immune to a decisive attack,” Ya’alon said. “Hamas is responsible for everything that is shot out of Gaza and if it does not take responsibility, it will pay the price.”

Since Thursday morning, three Kassam rockets, one Grad missile and a mortar shell were shot into Israel from Gaza. Grad missiles landed in and north of Ashdod. A previous report erroneously said that a rocket landed in the Rishon Lezion area.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Israeli population live on the illusion that if they hand over the mountains of Zion, Tel Aviv will be able to live in peace.

The rockets that landed just south of Tel Aviv did not come from Hebron or Nablus. It came from Hamas controlled Gaza.

For Hamas, it does not matter if Israel “hand over” the so called West bank or not. Hamas wants the full state of Israel to be dissolved, or destroyed. Nothing more and nothing less.

Luke 21:23
How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people.

Israel is facing the true face of the spirit of Allah. The desert demon and his followers, can not tolerate anyone to live in freedom, liberty and prosperity. Neither any Jew, nor any Christian. Religious totalitarianism in the name of Muhammad is their goal. They kill, slaughter and cripple in the name of “allah”.

This is the truth.

Written by Ivar

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