Half of the Germans feel the Jews are the New Nazis

47 percent of Germans think Israel is exterminating Palestinians.

The German Nazi troopers rounded up and butchered Jews wherever they could be found in Europe.

Study shows a strong presence of “anti-Semitism that is linked with Israel and is hidden behind criticism of Israel” in Europe.
A think-tank affiliated with Germany’s Social Democratic Party issued a new report last week that revealed high levels of anti-Semitism in Germany, Poland and Hungary, as well as varying manifestations of racism, homophobia and prejudice in eight European countries.

Dr. Beate Küpper, a researcher from the University of Bielefeld who co-authored the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s study along with her colleagues Andreas Zick and Andreas Hoevermann, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that the study showed a strong presence of “anti-Semitism that is linked with Israel and is hidden behind criticism of Israel, and is not neutral.”

The investigation was limited to Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Poland and France due to financial restrictions and requisite expertise in each country to track anti-democratic attitudes, according to Küpper.

Asked to respond to the statement that “Israel is conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians,” 47.7 percent of the study’s participants in Germany expressed agreement – the highest number in Western Europe.

The statement is a typical question used to probe attitudes about equating Israel with the Nazi campaign to exterminate European Jewry.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The Nazi ideology in Germany, branded the Jews as the real problem. While the Nazis was branded as an European ‘Peace movement”, the Jews were promoted as the real fascists that had to be stopped.

The Germans bought this message from Adolf Hitler.

Seventy years on, nothing seems to have changed. The German Jew-haters are still Jew-haters.

The Nazi spirit and ideology lives on in Germany, and half of the populated would have elected the same Nazi-butchers back into power in Berlin.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Half of the Germans feel the Jews are the New Nazis

    1. Dear claimed to be “albert speer”

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Nazists are not welcomed on this site. Please repent, of never come back.

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