400-year-old translation still commands a loyal following.

Bible Baptist Church in Mount Prospect in Chicago.

On its 400th anniversary, the King James Version of the Bible is universally recognized as a literary masterpiece that profoundly shaped both modern Christianity and the English language.

But at the Bible Baptist Church in Mount Prospect, it’s accorded a much higher level of reverence.

“Using anything but the King James Version,” said Chris Huff, the church’s pastor, “is like shaving with a banana.”

The northwest suburban church belongs to a loosely defined denomination known as the “King James Only” movement. Members believe the King James Version is not just another translation but the indispensible underpinning of a Christian’s faith.

“When I’m looking for a church, the King James Bible is non-negotiable,” said Sandra Maio, after a Wednesday-evening Bible study class there.

Source: Chicago Tribune

My comment:

One pastored walked into my office with a Bible under his arm. He claimed I was on my way to Hell, because I was using a corrupt version of the Bible.

After an hour or so, the Pastor left my office in anger. I have never seen Him again.

He was from the sect “King James only”.

I asked the Pastor:

Did Jesus speak English?

It became a hard pill to swallow for the young chap. That the King James version of the Bible was not the original scriptures.  That the team of Bible translators in London in 1611. A.D, might have done some few mistakes. And that these mistakes has been corrected in the New King James version.

When I started to expose the faults in this pastors Bible version, He got read faced.  One of the errors was the word “Easter”, that the Londoners had used to replace the Hebrew Word “Passover”.

When the youth leader was told that even the Word “Hell” had replaced the Word “Sheol” on certain verses, and twisted the original message of the Jewish Bible authors, the sectarian pastors could not sit in my cabin anymore.

May God bless Him wherever He might be today, and may Jesus have mercy on His soul.

Written by Ivar