Very few Christians inside the Japanese nation

Approximately 2,4 million Japanese are Christians. That is two percent of a population of 127 million.

A Japanese Shinto priest and a priestess. Worshiping the spirits of the dead.

The Japanese nation seems to have been a hard nut to crack for Jesus of the Bible.

Christian Missionaries have been opposed, persecuted and through the centuries in Japan. The Japanese have largely rejected the gospel, and embraced Shintoism, a form of Buddhism.

Shintoism is basically the worship of the departed souls, or the forefathers.

This kind of idol worship in not going to save anyone.

What kind of Christianity does exist in Japan?

Ken Joseph argues that Christianity, in the form of Nestorianism, existed in Japan before the arrival of Francis Xavier, a Roman Catholic missionary in 1549 A.D. Nestorianism was a false form of Christianity, that taught that Jesus had to different natures separated from each others.  Neatorius believed that Jesus did not suffer on the cross. “God can not suffer”, explained the religious leader who lead a Pan-Asia movement in 500 to 600 A.D.

When Roman Catholicism entered Japan, the Japanese was exposed to another form of false Christianity. The true Biblical faith in Jesus of Nazareth do not have many followers in Japan.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Very few Christians inside the Japanese nation

  1. I am a Christian and I loved Japanese people very much and yes it is very sad indeed that most Japanese people had rejected Jesus and also they have not heard of Jesus and his saving works for people living in darkness. I need to make sure I don’t worship to Shinto gods & goddess as much as possible in spite of I know a lot about Japanese culture and so on. Japanese people need Jesus but they must choose to be saved by Jesus or to face doom. God does not want people to go to Hell and that is why he gave Jesus to save humankind from the powers of darkness. I don’t hate Shintoism but we must be aware that we are living in the dark evil world and we are slaves of the evil. I don’t force Japanese people to be Christians but they must choose. I pray for them.

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