New Treaty Would Ban Alien and Human Weapons in Space

Nation-states are urged to sign a new treaty that would ban space aliens and humans to attack each other with weapons in outer space.

The UN wants to be the mediator between aliens and humans when they decide to "make contact" with planet Earth.

It sounds right out of a science fiction movie. The treaty, drafted by military and aerospace experts are seeking all member nation-states including “cosmic cultures” to agree to have a peaceful space for all and ban weapons that could hurt  humans and space aliens.

Carol Rosin, founder of Institute For Security and Cooperation in Outer Space is the leading promoter of Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011.

The Treaty was also drafted by Navy Intelligence Commander Scott Jones, retired Navy Captain Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut Commander Will Miller and retired aerospace executive Abe Krieger.

Carol Rosin believes people on earth are entering a higher consciousness so that we can make contact with space aliens.

The document is asking signing parties to realize we are entering an age of  “higher consciousness” than ever before and that our outer space “neighbors” are more developed and have a much higher consciousness than us Earthlings. It asks that our alien friends are able to enter Earth sphere “safely.”

All signing parties must recognize that we are not alone in the Universe and all International and National policies must reflect this belief.

It states that ET’s have shut down communication powers and that space crafts have hoovered over intercontinental ballistic missile fields and has shut them down for days.

It recognizes that aliens could bring good technology to Earth to help improve our planet.

Here are some of the statements from the written Treaty:

Addressed to all parties, including space aliens:

1. The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs shall be responsible to coordinate the first meetings between members of Cosmic Cultures with units of the United Nations and representatives of Signatory Nation States and Indigenous First Nations.
2. A permanent Cosmic Culture Liaison will be available to the United Nations Security Council to answer questions and to provide counsel on issues of security and development of Earth.
3. The Cosmic Culture Liaison will assist in identifying and neutralizing any attempt to deploy or use any space-based weapon.

The strategy of this Treaty incorporates the reality that humans have evolved into a condition of much higher consciousness than that of the past, and that we will be working with Cosmic Cultures whose situation and willingness to cooperate with Earth cultures is based upon that higher consciousness. The Signatories of this Treaty acknowledge this viewpoint because it is necessary to work within the context of the highest truth in our time, and because this is the only approach that will garner the support needed to enact this Treaty.(End of Excerpt)

Hollywood, culture and TV, and now the UN are sending the message that "aliens are good."

The Treaty only needs 9 nation-states to sign in order for the UN’s Secretary General to receive the Treaty and make it apart of the UN agenda.

Listen to Carol Rosin speak about weapons in space in the Disclosure Project Conference:

Source: AOL News

My Comment:

The world delusion is coming quickly. If this Treaty is ratified and is enacted, major views on faith will change across the world. The “Age of Aquarius” is upon us. A New Age lie to deceive the world. As the tribulation picks up speed causing natural disasters and a lack of resources for world sustainability, “aliens” will gladly come to help with their “advanced technology” to rescue the planet. This is all implied in the treaty. It’s hard to believe this is a real document that could become part of International policy.

The Word of God will be looked on as a fairy tale as governments embrace a Treaty such as this. One of the goals of these demonic entities is to destroy man’s faith in God and have man believe he was created by Aliens, not a loving Heavenly Father. This theme is echoed in new movies that are out in theaters and is deeply entrenched in the ‘alien gospel.’

Cling to the one thing that we can stand on when everything that is right and true will be labeled wrong and false. Cling to the Word of God like never before, keeping His Word in the depths of your heart.

Matthew 24:25

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

Written by Sue


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