Islamic Saudi invades Bahrain to stop democratic protests

The base of the US 5th fleet is a risk. Washington orders Saudi troops to “secure” the naval base of Bahrain.

Anyone who believes the US wars in the Middle East has anything to do with a fight for freedom and democracy, have not understood anything.

Soldiers sent to protect Sunni ruling family after weeks of Shi’ite protests; opponents of island’s dynasty call the move “war.”

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates dispatched forces to Bahrain on Monday in response to a call from the island’s rulers to help put down weeks of protests by the country’s Shi’ite Muslim majority. Opponents of Bahrain’s Sunni dynasty called the move a declaration of war.

Analysts saw the troop movement into Bahrain, home to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, as a mark of concern in Saudi Arabia that concessions by the country’s monarchy could inspire the conservative Sunni kingdom’s own restive Shi’ite minority concentrated in its Eastern Province, the center of the Saudi oil industry.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

Bahrain is not Somalia or Sudan.

While hundreds of thousands of people are slaughtered by Islamic Jihad in Darfur, the US is less concerned. Sudan is not an oil exporter, and do not contain US Military bases.

Bahrain holds the key to a lock down of the United States of America. If the oil export stops out of the Persian Gulf, it will take a week or so to bring the US to a standstill. The strategic Oil Reserve in the US is already stretched.

Psalm 120:7

I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war.

Ecclesiastes 3:8

a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.

Without the Oil of Saudi Arabia the Americans can just park their cars, and start walking.

The US will do what it takes to crush the demonstrations in Bahrain. Freedom for the people of the Middle East is less important than gasoline inside American cars. To send the US Marines would just have fueled the Muslim anger. Washington looked at Saudi Islamic troops as a better option.

The wars in the Middle East is all about oil. They have never removed despotic leaders, but installed proxies of Washington.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Islamic Saudi invades Bahrain to stop democratic protests

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  1. I live in the U.S. and can tell you that you are absolutely 100% correct. It seems to me like the U.S. is picking and choosing who to support… we will support democracy unless it stands in the way of our own personal interests. The U.S. is supporting the rebels of Lybia… while sending in Saudi Troops to squash the uprising in Bahrain. They are sending mixed messages doing this, and it’s going to anger many muslims in the process. They already hate us, now it will be worse.

    Our country wouldn’t care nearly as much what was going on if it didn’t need the precious oil to survive. The U.S. is going to stir up a hornets nest that it can’t contain! I have a feeling things are going to get very bad, very fast. We will probably see more attacks on U.S. soil and on U.S. citizens around the world in response, and that will be the tip of the iceberg for things to come.

    1. Dear Missy

      Shalom, and love in Jesus the Messiah.

      Thanks for this message, with blessings of my pen. It will surely keep me on the blog.

      The amount of double standards and hypocrisy in Washington is unlimited. The Wikileaks are now almost forgotten. The People of the World are not interested. Neither in the truth about America, nor about who God is. He is author of the ongoing wrath, and the final Judge who will cast hundreds of millions of people into Hell.

      Its is also very disturbing that many claim to be Christians, do not want the gospel. They chose and pick verses from their Bible, and deletes the parts of the gospel that is offensive to their own fleshy desires.

      1. Blessings to you as well, my friend… 🙂

        Strangely enough… I just left you a comment under the Japan article on the very topic you just mentioned…. great minds think alike I suppose! The things I have seen online posted by supposed Christians in Christian forums are unbelievable. I have been blogging on a an article in the Christian Post forum for days now entitled “Is it Possible to be both Gay and Christian?” What a ludicrous question. But you wouldn’t believe the people claiming to be Christian that argue that the answer is yes. Their churches are telling them that the Bible doesn’t say it’s a sin! It doesn’t matter what scripture you present them with… they try to discredit it or say it doesn’t mean what it says. I recently learned that there is a priest at an Orthodox Church here in my town that is gay. I’d like to say that it surprised me, but it doesn’t.

        Yet even more apalling are the atheists in the Christian forum that are attacking the Christians on their own sites… and then have the nerve to act like they’re being wronged in some way.

        The world is going mad, I tell you! If it does survive much longer.. I fear for my kids! My son goes to High School now… but even when he was in middle school, you wouldn’t believe the number of kids that think it’s alright to be bisexual, homosexual, etc. They have no morals, and no guidance. It breaks my heart. All I can do is pray for them, and teach my children the right things. We all know here that the school system isn’t going to do it. America wants nothing to do with GOD, they have reduced Him to a patriotic slogan on their coins. They do not trust, or believe in Him… and sadly, that’s why He’s left us to crumble. The only time prayer is mentioned is when a disaster happens, and even then I wonder what GOD they’re praying to… because the least favorite in America anymore seems to be the LIVING GOD

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