Pope: Don’t Evangelize to the Jews

In the Pope’s new book, Jesus of Nazareth, Volume 2, Pope Benedict XVI tells Catholics not to  covert the Jewish people.

The Pope tries to befriend the Jews by telling others not to convert them to Christianity.

In the pope’s new book, he urges people to leave the Jews to themselves, stating:

“Israel is in the hands of God, who will save it ‘as a whole’ at the proper time, when the number of Gentiles is full,” the pope writes. He says that Christians should “wait for the time fixed for this by God” instead of evangelizing to the Jewish people.

The Pope says the mission of the Catholic Church is mainly to the Gentiles, not the Jews and agrees with “Saint Bernard” that the Jews will eventually be brought into the church at the “appointed time.”

Who was Saint Bernard?

He was an adviser to Pope Eugenius III and called for a second Crusade in Holy Land. He had a fervent devotion to the Virgin Mary and helped instigate the cult of Mary. He also was crucial in the formation of the Knights of Templar.  He was known to defend Jews during a time where violence against them was common place.

Jews are seeing Pope Benedict XVI as a "man of peace," and they reach out to touch his hand.
While Pope Benedict XVI admits salvation comes through Jesus Christ, he says that the church’s mission is primarily to the Gentiles.  The Pope said he does not put limits on evangelizing Jews individually, but  that the Jews should not be a target specifically for conversion.
Rabbi Korn embraces the Pope's views that Christians should not convert Jews.
The Pope says in his book that he does not believe God has kept His covenant with the Jews. Rabbi Eugene Korn, a specialist in interfaith dialogue believes the Pope’s new book and views will help remove the threat of Christians. He stated:

“[It] takes the practical threat out of Christian supersessionism for Jews today.”

Source: catholicculture.org

My comments:

For the Pope to ask Christians not to share Jesus with the Jewish people, is to show his contempt for them. The Pope believes that the Jews will be saved as a collective unit at Gods “appointed time.” What about all the Jews who die not knowing Jesus before that time comes?

Jesus came for individuals. For you and for me, not a “unit” of people.  He thought of you personally when He died on the cross.

The Pope says the ‘church’s ‘ mission is first for the Gentiles and when that’s full, then we can look to the Jews. This is sheer crazy talk. Jesus desires everyone to be saved and He didn’t give the apostles a number order list to follow. I pray that Catholics, Jews and all people will be able to  see through this falsehood. This is surely a political move to sweet-talk the Jewish people so the Pope will appear to be the ultimate peace-maker and make his way back to Jerusalem where he will try and gain control of the Holy Land.

John 4:22

You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews.

Mark 16:15

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.

Written by Sue


4 thoughts on “Pope: Don’t Evangelize to the Jews

  1. Thats like saying to my father “dad…I know more than you” regardless if i do or dont do you think my father will look at me and hear anything I say?…probably not.

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