Israel bows down to Islam by removal of Jews from Mount Zion

The Government has asked the High Court for permission to erase three settlements on the so-called “West bank”.

The Mountains of Zion is God's property, and He placed the Jews as the only caretakers.

100 Jewish Zionist families is about to suffer destruction and deportation from Jewish land on Mount Zion. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided on Monday in consultation with the defense minister and the attorney general, to file a petition in The High Court of Justice.

The court has been challenged to approve the demolition of at least three outposts inhabited by about 100 families.

The government will immediately dismantle all illegal settlement outposts built on privately-owned Palestinian land, with the sole exception of the house owned by slain Israel Defense Forces officer Eliraz Peretz.

Source: Israeli Newspaper Haaretz

My comment:

Why is the house to a former Israel Defense Forces officer taken off the demolition order?

Has the elite in Israel protected one of their own brothers?

The land on Mount Zion has never been anything but Jewish land. God of the Bible placed the Jewish people as caretakers over His land. The Arab Palestinians are intruders and occupiers.

After liberation of the s called “West bank” in 1967, Israel should have driven the intruders back to nations like Jordan. They occupied the hills, on which no one was living.

Before the Jews came and build their houses on such hills, no one had laid any claims to this land. The Jewish Zionist settlers has not pushed anyone off the mountains.

Deceived by Islam, all Muslims have received a spirit full of lies. Their claim to the Mountains in Zion is build on fraud and injustice. The Arab Palestinians is not a people. Its a political invention, created to block the Jews from being regathered home to Zion. Ultimately the devil wants to block the return of the Messiah to His own ancient chosen people.

Satan shall almost succeed. But in the darkest hours of the Jewish nations, the true Messiah shall return and save them. And everyone who has harmed them Jews, and gentiles alike, will face judgment.

Isaiah 52:7
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

Christians all over the world, please listen:  The will of Lord Jesus is that we shall stand with Zionist Jews till the end. Their claim to the land is correct. Also tell them how much Jesus loves them, and call them to repentance.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Israel bows down to Islam by removal of Jews from Mount Zion

  1. I am always baffled when Israel and the knesset play this strong arm game with their own settlers yet they do like wise when they announce new constuction in disputed territories? Its as if they say one thing and do another. The appeasement game is really annoying. All of Israel is their land! Why is Netanyahu and the Knesset so confused?

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