The slaughter of Jews keep on haunting Libya

25.000 Jews lived in Libya in the 1930-ties, many of them were slaughtered. Many years ago, the last Jew left Libya for Israel or Italy.

A Jewish family in Libya. Today, Libya is as cleansed for Jews as Nazi-Germany was.

During the 1930s about 25,000 Jews lived in Libya but their number dwindled dramatically due to persecution by Italy and Germany during World War II and a series of state-sponsored pogroms after Libya became independent. The last Jew in Libya immigrated to Italy several years ago.

In Israel, where according to some estimates there are up to 100,000 Jews of Libyan descent, news of the uprising caught many off guard.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

Some weeks ago I meet a young Jewish lady who is of Libyan origin.

She told me that the genocide of Jews in Fascist controlled Libya is almost forgotten. Her mother lost her entire family.

A mad Colonel in Libya

God of the Bible has not forgotten. Inside the mind of the mad ruler of Libya, there is neither soundness, nor reason. The blood of the Jews slaughtered has given God the reason to cripple the dictator. Colonel Gaddafi is one of the most mad World leader of our time.

Praise Jesus the Messiah who holds the key to the eternity of this man. May he repent, and be found in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The ultimate forgiveness found on Earth, is Messianic Jews who have forgiven the Nazi-butchers who slaughtered all their closest relatives. Only by the strength that comes from Jesus the Messiah, such forgiveness is possible.

The Jewish lady of Libyan origin Jesus brought in front of me, accepted a New Testament in Hebrew.

Acts 4:12
Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.”

7 thoughts on “The slaughter of Jews keep on haunting Libya

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    1. Gloria J.


      Thanks for blessing me. I love Israel. I love the Jewish people. I will forever stand with them, support them and tell them about their Messiah who loves them. I call up on Him as Jesus. You address Him as “Yeshua”.

  1. I believe God puts a hate for the Jewish people in the hearts of believers (not love) for a reason simple Jews are non believers

  2. God is never the source of hate God is love, peace,harmony, balance, wholeness, joy, wisdom, truth, power, freedom, Ever-present, all knowing, all powerful, the source, creator, substance, infinite, eternal and much more.

  3. IF ONLY The church would read G-d’s word, and ask the HOLY SPIRT TO lead them into all truth. The word says it will not come back void. to many people believe whatever the false leaders tell them. we see that in how many have left and joined the catholic cult. G-d says they will have NO excuse. HIS Word is truth. the hate comes thru false prophets that they call themselves from Satan. but G-d leaves the people to choose who they will serve. Tho we tell them all of HIM, it is their chose to say , now I see and exept. we don’t join them, but pray and be watchmen on the walls. and as we see things are happening fast as G-d said they would and told us, pray without ceasing and stay in the word. HE IS Coming so soon. HE said we would know the seasons. Gen 1 tells us that. G-d bless you all. we will be counted worthy. Praise HIM forever . Israel is my heart and G-d’s as well, and G-d said they have received double for sins. anyone who thinks HE is coming to punish them agains should read HIS Word as HE said I am coming to comfort them and will be with them to win last wars. HE is coming them home. it is the nations who will soon see the wrath. keep praying and suporting our Jewish brothers ..Shalom those churches who teach they replaced Israel thinks they will be safe ..that is what happens when they teach false, twisting G-d’s word.

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