The wickedness and double standards of Iran

Violence in Cairo is a blessing from “allah”. Violence in Tehran in the name of “allah” is a curse.

The claimed to be "Holy Father" greets the new Iranian Ambassador to the "Holy see" Ali Akbar Naseri.

The Ayatollahs support revolt in Arab world while crushing it at home

A bizarre competition has surfaced in Iran between the hard-line Shi’ite clerical regime and the opposition Green Movement over who can claim solidarity with recent populist movements in Arab countries, even as street protests in the Islamic Republic show new signs of life after being brutally repressed by security forces last year.


My comment:

Hypocrisy is basically double standards. One standard for me, and another for you.  Jesus said those who believe in Him are One, and among his children there are no distinctions.

Two wicked men in full unity, anti-Zionists to the core. Chaves and Ahmadinejad.

That Iran support Islamic violence all over the World, is nothing new.

But for the first time Islamic violence has erupted all over the Middle East in one shot.

Iran obviously do not want to admit that Islam it self is the problem.

Because than the Ayatollah’s them self had to take a flight out of Tehran.

Where would they go?

You might think, that no man on Earth would be willing to give them landing permission anywhere.

You are wrong.

In Venezuela, they would have been given a red carpet by a Roman Catholic leader. I would not be surprised if the Islamic priesthood had landed in Rome. Inside the Vatican, there are many rooms.

Its always possible to seek the Pope for asylum.

Written by Ivar

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