Hizb”Allah has trained Mexico drug lords

Bombing techniques used in the Middle East to promote terror are now also being used inside Mexico.

Mexico: Not by the blood of bulls or rams. But a sacrifice of human blood to the devil him self.

Mexican authorities busted a senior Hizbullah operative, Jameel Nasr, who employed Mexican nationals with family ties to Lebanon to set up a network designed to target Israel and the West. He traveled frequently to Lebanon to receive instructions from Hizbullah commanders.

Source: Blogger.

My comment:

It is not a secret that Islamic terrorists raise money from sales of drugs.

From where have Hezb”Allah got the cash to buy drugs, that will be resold?

They do not need such cash.

They have done barter trade with the Mexican drug lords. The deal is: “Mexicans will sell drugs for you, if you teach us how to operate as real terrorists”.

30.000 dead and counting. The Mexican Government do not know that they are fighting a war with Hizb”Allah as a proxy.  The Roman Catholics in Mexico do not know that the devilish motive behind this war, is to target and bring down America it self.

Proverbs 27:6
Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.

Written by Ivar

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