Palestinians wants to see Jerusalem bleed to death

Palestinian tourism minister sends letter to 30 countries calling to boycott Tourism conference in Jerusalem.‬‬

A wicked show for the media, some few months ago. Unity for the sake of "peace", where there is no unity, neither any peace at all.

Palestinian Tourism Minister Hulud Deibas sent a letter to all countries invited to take part in the International Tourism Conference in Jerusalem scheduled to take place later this month and urged them to boycott the event, Ynet learned.

The letter was sent last Friday. “The dispatch of official representatives constitutes recognition of occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s capital,” the letter stated.

Some 30 foreign tourism ministers were invited to take part in the conference which was organized by the Tourism Ministry and the Jerusalem Municipality. The conference is slated to discuss various aspects of Israeli tourism, the future of global tourism and economic trends.


My comment:

The Jewish statehood is the biggest blessings that will ever come to the Arab Palestinians.  The Jews give them jobs, and the Jews trade with them.

Every year, millions of tourists comes to Israel and Jerusalem. In the city of David, foreign tourists use millions of dollars to also bless its not Jewish citizens. Arabs in Jerusalem have the highest living standard among their Muslims brethren in the Middle East.

To call for a boycott of a conference in Jerusalem, is like sawing down the tree you are sitting in. If tourism in Jerusalem is reduced, both Jews and gentiles will suffer.

Islam does not only desire to rob the Jews of their blessings. It will rob the Arabs also. Strip them for all dignity, humanity, respect and finally their salvation.

Bless Israel, and renounce Islam as a false religion. This is a desire of Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God.

Written by Ivar

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