To explain the depth of the new ethnic “Norwegian society”, the Government used a Burka dressed Islamic woman.

This Promoting picture was removed. Sharia Laws are in the pipeline for all Norwegians

The Norwegian state Road Department “Staten Vegvesen” had to withdraw this picture from a book about the “Norwegian society”.

Muslims in Norway have reacted sternly, and rebuked the promotion of burkas. Burkas is a dress code, where women signalize they have submitted to Sharia Laws.

“This is an Islamic dress code that is discriminating against women”, explains Kadra Yusuf from Somalia, recorded by the 

Norwegian daily newspaper Verdens Gang.

Source: VG.

My comment:

While the Norwegians are demanding that citizens shall remove their Christian pendant’s and crosses to “avoid offending Islam”, the same Government has found it wise to promote Islamic symbols like burkas. What a mad World we live in…

Dhimme, Dhimme Dhimme, all night long. Shame on this post-Lutheran Christian Kingdom, who silently submit to Sharia Laws.

Written by Ivar