Jordan’s new justice minister, Hussein Mjali wants to release Arab who murdered seven Jews.

New Jordanian Minister of Justice Hussein Mjali is a secret follower of Islamic Jihad.

Jordan’s new justice minister, Hussein Mjali, on Monday joined protesters in Amman demanding the early release of Jordanian army Corp. Ahmed Daqamseh.

He shot dead seven Israeli school girls in 1997 during an outing near Jordan’s border with Israel. Mjali was the soldier’s former lawyer.

Israeli Embassy spokeswoman Merav Horsandi said it “is difficult for us to comprehend how there are people who support the release of a cold-blooded murderer of young children….Israel cannot imagine a situation in which such a vile murderer will be set free by Jordan.”

Source: AP New York Times.

My comment:

I do not know if this is very relevant, but the Jordanian release reminds me of a similar release of a brutal criminal, found in the Bible.

The High priest and his fellow priests  in Jerusalem, could have let Jesus walk free. In an exchange offer.

Mark 15:11

But the chief priests stirred up the crowd to have Pilate release Barabbas instead.

Barabbas walked free.

Of course Jesus had to be crucified, but still. A man who was imprisoned for murder, was preferred to roam free in the society. Rather than a man who had committed no errors at all. Just doing good.

This is how it will be just before Jesus the Messiah returns. What is evil, will be presented as good. And those who do no other harm than preaching the gospel, will end up being detained, imprisoned and some of them will be killed.

Written by Ivar