Washington will get unlimited permits to spy on you

The Republican Party in the US wants to give the FBI permission to spy on “foreigners” without limits.

The FBI might look at your bed life, using a remote control to override your own laptop.

Republicans in the House thought they had enough votes to pass the patriot act extension with the necessary two-thirds majority.

However, the GOP fell seven votes short when some of their own party voted against it, citing the importance of limiting government power to spy on its citizens.

3 Failed Provisions

1- The “library provision” which gives the FBI court-ordered access to any tangible thing it deems relevant to a terrorism investigation.

2- Roving wiretaps, which permit the FBI to conduct surveillance on multiple phones.

3- The “lone wolf” provision, which allows the FBI to conduct secret surveillance of non-Americans not known to be affiliated with terror groups.

The White House favored a three-year extension of these provisions, and Republicans leaders expected they’d get it.

Source: Multiple Media.

My comment:

For the US Government, a correct principle is what ever Washington decides is a correct principle. Regardless if this breach human rights, and natural justice.

To give the FBI the right to spy on people whom there is no reason to believe has done anything wrong, nor will do anything wrong, is a Gestapo kind of order.

The US Secret Police will be everywhere, and can round you up without reason, and detain you without even giving you the reason for why you have been detained.

An enemy of the state, is now a person that the state for whatever reason wants to spy on.  The private affairs of any man has surely become a matter of state sponsored terrorism in the name of “security concerns”.

When the Police gets this kind of permits, it will be a piece of cake to frame “unwanted elements” of the society.  Like Evangelical Christians.

Acts 6:11
Then they secretly persuaded some men to say, “We have heard Stephen speak blasphemous words against Moses and against God.”

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Washington will get unlimited permits to spy on you

  1. “When the Police gets this kind of permits, it will be a piece of cake to frame “unwanted elements” of the society. Like Evangelical Christians.”

    I agree with you Ivar, and this just makes way for the “mark of the beast.”


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