El-Baradei supports targeting and killing of Jews

Israel only understands the language of Force.

Dr. Mohammed El-Baradei defames Israel in bid to become the next president of Egypt.

This is a comment by Egyptian presidential Contender El-Baradei: Israel Only Understands the Language of Force.

This article was published on 22.04.10.

Dr. Mohammed El-Baradei, former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency and a prominent contender for the Egyptian presidential elections in 2011, said Monday that the Palestinian cause is plagued by Israeli violation of holy Islamic shrines, settlement expansion in Jerusalem and building of synagogues.

He stressed that the Palestinian people has no other option but to adopt resistance.

El-Baradei said that Israel only understands the language of force, adding that the Arabs should back their negotiations option with force and deterrence.

Source: IkhwanWeb-Muslim Brotherhood-UK

My comment:

If you want to be popular in the Muslim World, you have to defame the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

El-Baradei seems to forget that Israel have on three occasion`s been at the Suez canal. Did the Zionist aggressors stay put, or did they return the property of the Egyptian people?

The truth is that on all these three occasions, Egypt was the aggressors who provoked the state of Israel to act. So the former General Secretary of IAEA need to take a deep look in the mirror.

Written by Ivar

12 thoughts on “El-Baradei supports targeting and killing of Jews

  1. Mr, El Baradie is the only leader that can protect Israel if Israel is seeking real peace , the real peace for Israel is to allow the palestinians to return to their land based on resolution 242 and 338 the current sitution is not good for israel and israel knows it very well from Iran to the latest in regard to the relationship between israel and Turkey to Hezbuallah’s determination to fight hard to syrian loyalism to Iran as well as the Iraqi messy sitution we don think Israel is in good shape though they the israelis may give us the impression of force and power. therefore it is in the intrest of israel to support Mr. El Baradie as the next President of Egypt before its too late

    1. Dear Zak.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      If there were 80 million Jews in Algeria who wanted to immigrate to Egypt, would the Egyptians allow them?

      I guess the Egyptians wants to be in majority in their own country?

      The Jews have 0,2 per cent of the land space in the Middle East. Israel is the only nation on Earth where Jews are in majority, and can rule them selves.

      What is wrong with this?

      Why do you want to destroy the only Jewish nation on planet Earth?

      The Arab Muslims who do not want to live in a nation with Jewish majority, do have 22 other nations with Muslim majority they can live in. Please open the borders, and give them Citizenship.

      1. Because they are a brutal occupation force who kill women and children, who bomb the Gazans with weapons of mass destruction (compliments of the US). Because they have imprisoned many palestinans for nothing more than asking for what the egyptians are asking on the streets of cairo. Because the zionists actually believe all the Holy Land was given to them by God. How insane. It was Jesus Christ who these “tax collectors” and “usury” out to the Temple and told them “to to for the four corners of the earth never to come together again.
        Because the majority of zionsts came from Europe and never stepped in the Holy land. Because the US/UK/France and Germany have put arab dictators in place to make sure the Israelies can continue to steal more an more land, brutalize more and more people, all for the Greater Israel. I encourage you to google a map of Palestine 1948, and Israel 2011…and see who the aggressors are. The zionists have never stayed behind the borders they were supposedly given in 1948. Prior to 1948, arab, christians and jews lived in harmony. Ariel Sharon, Ben Gurion would be called terrorsts today for the horror they inflicted on palestinans, pushing them into the sea to rob them of their lands. Because the Israelies have over 150 violaitions of the UN. They state they “own the White house, Congress and Senate”? Because they spy every day on the american people. Because they hold a contract that every land line in the US goes through them (spying)! Because the implanted and embeded zionist supporters on every corporate news channel in America. Because they own all the corporate owned press censor news to the american public and corporate networks take their talking points as fact and never investigate whether what they say is truthful. You have only to look at the Palestinan Papers which just came out or review the Goldstone Report by a Jewish man, Professor Richard Falk. These people are telling the truth. Or look at the Jewish Voices for Peace or JStreet in the US, who understand even they cannot back the apartheid nation of Israel while millions of arabs, muslim live in squallor, have no hope and are oppressed. Why does every nation in the world vote against Israel at the UN except the US, their puppet. Why has Russia, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina stood with the Palestinans against the US. Because with the internet people are more educated, the corporate media cant censor the news, we can find and do find the truth by ourselves. Mubarek is over time to go. Time for the US to begin a foreign policy based on morals, decency and justice. For 40 years the US/UK/France/Germany have propped up these dictators after they had colonized and brutalized millions of people.

      2. Spktruth,

        Your Comment: Because the zionists actually believe all the Holy Land was given to them by God. How insane.

        My Comment: Just because you don’t believe in God, doesn’t mean He isn’t Real. Christ will come and with him, he’ll bring judgment. The bible says every knee shall bow, and confess to God.

        John 8:24

        I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am [the one I claim to be], you will indeed die in your sins.”

      3. Dear Gloria and Spktruth.

        Your Comment: Because the zionists actually believe all the Holy Land was given to them by God. How insane.

        My comment:

        To believe that God has chosen a particular people to be His, is “insane”. For all who do not believe the Word of God, found in the Bible.

  2. I want to suggest to any country that has it’s turmoil, even here in the USA that
    they open up “Kibbutz” to help those people that are in need, not by pouring out money, but to teach them skills as are learned in a Kibbutz.

    Look at how Israel has flourished because they started this way and the contributions it (the Jewish people) have given the world.

    Today I see, through the use of the internet and cell phones that the people in repressed societies, want what the west has. There are many good things about the west, except for “welfare.”

    I am not a Christian, but Jesus said “give them a fish and they’ll eat for a day,
    teach them to fish and they will eat forever.”

    This is what one can learn in a communal environment and much more.

    Laziness doesn’t get you anywhere.


    Mrs. Engelhardt

    1. Dear Estrella

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      You wrote:

      I am not a Christian, but Jesus said “give them a fish and they’ll eat for a day, teach them to fish and they will eat forever.”

      My comment:

      I am a great admirer of the Kibbutz movement in Israel. But the quote you have of Jesus, is not from the Bible.

      But in the book of Acts in the New Covenant, all followers of Jesus are called to live in Jewish styled Kibbutz’es.

      Acts 2:44
      All the believers were together and had everything in common.

      (end of scriptures).

      It is a huge historic paradox, that claimed to be followers of Jesus do not live like this, while Jewish settlers who do not know Him as the Messiah, lived, and 50.000 of them still lives, like the Messiah wanted them to live.

    1. Dear JewsKiller.


      I permitted this comment, to expose what kind of spirits the Jews are standing up against. God of the Bible destroys people like you. One day, you will face Him. You need to repent, or your soul will be chased by demons and hellish heat day and night. You will be sent to an eternal place, where you will never find peace. Not for a single second. You will never find an exit, because there is no exit. Just eternal pain and agony.

      It is your choice. The good news is that a man named Jesus took the punishment you deserve. Have you heard about Him?

  3. Dear Jewskiller,

    Listen to what Ivar has told you.
    We do love you as the God of Abraham still loves you despite your hatred of Him.
    Cry out to Jesus. We would love to tell you about Him.

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