Pope: Not Being Catholic Offense to Christ

The Pope says to be a Christian is to be Catholic. Anything less is an offense to God.

During Christian Unity Week (January 18-25) the Pope declares that if Christians are to be a witness to the world, there must be a visible witness of unity.

Pope Benedict stressed the four marks of true Christianity.

He said Christians must base their lives on the four elements that make them a “sign and instrument of the intimate union with God and of unity among men in the world.”

These four are listening to the God’s Word transmitted through the strong Tradition of the Church, fraternal communion, the Eucharist and prayer.

In order to be a Christian, according to the Pope, you must believe you need to eat God.

The Pope said that God was offended by the division of the Church:

“Every division in the Church is an offense to Christ,” the Holy Father stated, noting that in Christ “we can find unity among ourselves, by the inexhaustible power of his grace.”

He says this division is why we need to repent:

“This is where the call, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” from Sunday’s Gospel comes in.

He stressed that the ecumenical movement was a sign of the Holy Spirit bringing the divided church back together again. Pope Benedict prayed that Mary would lead the church into full unity.

“The serious commitment of conversion to Christ is the way that leads the Church … to full visible unity,” he said. He noted that ecumenical encounters as a sign of this serious commitment.

Sources: CNA, Zenit

More and more Christians are heading back Rome via the Emerging Church.

My Comments:

So what is the serious commitment he’s talking about?

The Pope is saying in order to be a Christian you must be Catholic. You must believe in the Traditions of the Church. You must believe that Jesus Christ..body..blood..soul..and..divinity is present in the communion bread and in order to have life within you, you must eat that bread. He says you must listen to scripture, only interpreted by the church and if you are serious about following Christ, you must convert to Catholicism.

The Vatican wants control over Christianity, just as she did during the Inquisition during the Middle Ages. The Vatican is rapidly making concordats with nation-states to enable Church law to be made valid through civil law of the nations she has agreements with. That is why she works so closely with the United Nations; to ride the beast of civil power.

In the Pope’s recent encyclical the Pope said he wanted a stronger United Nations with ” teeth.” If you know anything about the UN, the last thing this world needs is a stronger UN.

Pope Benedict XVI prayed to Mary to lead the church into unity. “Mary” will not only lead the the protestants into the Catholic Church, but all the world religions as well. Evangelical churches need to be on their guard..but most are sliding into apostasy quickly; embracing contemplative prayer, walking labyrinths, and reading the lives of Catholic ‘Saints”.

Matthew 24:4-5

And Jesus answered them, “See that no one leads you astray.   For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will lead many astray.

The Pope says he is Christ’s mouthpiece on earth, that he is his representative. When Jesus left us on earth, he said he would send us the Holy Spirit to guide us in all truth, he did not say he was sending a man–the Pope–to take His place. For a man to claim to take Christ’s place is blasphemy. Why is the church running into the arms of Rome? The spirit of the Antichrist has come to deceive even the elect. Let’s pray for our churches and our families not to fall for the false peace that is coming, and coming fast.

Written by: Sue


22 thoughts on “Pope: Not Being Catholic Offense to Christ

  1. My beloved Sue. Pope Benedict XVI has not deviated from Christ’s Teachings and His Gospel. Remember Christ’s Own Words: ” You are Peter, and on this Rock I shall build My Church………I give you the Keys of Heaven…..” Again Jesus promised : “I shall be with you until the End of Time”. Christ built His Church on earth upon the Rock of Peter and his Successors. He is still with us, physically, in the Sacrament of the Eucharist in His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. And those who receive this Sacrament worthily – as He Himself promised – will have eternal life. Since Protestant Churches challenge the Catholic Church with “… where is that written in the Bible?”. The quotations above are in the Bible. So are the following Ones: “Unless you eat the Flesh of the Son of Man and drink His Blood you will not have live eternal…..”I am the Bread that came down from Heaven”. And during the Last Supper, He Instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Therefore, at the moment of Consecration, Christ truly comes into the elements of bread and wine and these elements change into His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. This is an Act of Faith, verified by several Miracles through the life of the Catholic Church. And then, on the First day when Jesus appeared to His Apostles “He breathed onto them and said, receive the Holy Spirit, the sins you forgive and forgiven, the sins you retain are retained”. Therefore, since He knew humankind will sin, He left us the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It is through His Priests that we confess our sins to Him Personally and obtain forgiveness of our sins.

    And here is the confirmation of the Pope’s Magisterium Authority from Christ Himself to govern, guide and protect His Church on earth: “Simon son of Jonah do you love Me?….feed My lambs….Feed My Sheep….feed my Lambs”. And, finally, Christ’s prayer at the Last Supper. ” I pray Father that they shall be One as You and I are One so that the world shall believe that You sent Me…”. The Catholic Church has faithfully and lovingly protected, proclaimed and preached the Gospel of Christ of Loving God and Loving our Neighbours as ourselves through the ages. She has remained faithful to Christ’s Teaching and as He Himself stated: “The Gates of Hell shall not prevail upon it (My Church built on Peter) “And behold I shall be with you until the end of time”. The Church has up to now survived every tribulation and persecution ( whether from within or from without) and She shall remain firm, faithful to Christ until the end of time because Christ stated and promised that, and He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    But remember, God has given every one of us free will. You can accept Christ’s Teaching about His Church and you can reject it. And in any case, soon each one of us will stand before the Seat of Judgement of our Creator and He shall have the Last Word and the Casting Vote which will determine one’s Eternal Destiny. So there is no need to enter into futile fights and arguments. God’s Word is the Truth and God never, ever contradicts Himself.

    1. Dear Sue
      Thank you so much for your comment, I may be the only one to support YOU, but I do this from the bottom of my heart. And may got forgive the rest of these bloggers

  2. Dear Mary,

    Thank you for your comments. First, I want you to know I attended Catholic schools, a conservative Catholic university and took classes with catholic apologists I’m sure you know but wont mention. I was very into Catholic apologetics and all things Catholic my entire life.
    Throughout scripture God is named the ROCK, the Fortress, the Cornerstone. When the church says Peter is the rock they are speaking conjecture. They say that even though the Holy Spirit wanted Rock written in Greek, we should look at it as though it was written in the spoken language Aramaic. In the Greek, it says “You are Peter (small stone)and upon this ROCK (meaning Himself) you will build my church” The RCC says it doesn’t say what is written in the language it was written. The Holy Spirit knew what He was doing when it was written in Greek so there was no misunderstandings and no conjecture.
    Now, eating God does not bring life. Believing in Him brings life. The whole book of John equates eating and drinking to coming to and believing in Him. There are millions of Catholics that take communion and then go party at the bar. Has it given them life? A new life in Christ is repenting of your sins and living for Christ.
    Mary, the church is not a political nation-state but God’s people. The RCC is very political, and killed millions of Christians during the Inquisition through civil power.
    The Catholic Catechism also says that Catholics worship the same ‘god’ as Muslims and that Muslims are saved. I put a little ‘g’ because the Muslim god is not our God of the bible. They deny the trinity, and deny Jesus as Lord but only a mere prophet.
    There is much more to speak about but we will have to continue via email, for this is too long for the blog. I pray that you will be able to see what I am saying, Mary. God bless you. Sue

  3. Amen Sue!Hallelujah!Thank You Father for Sue knowing the truth and not being afraid to write it here in love and boldness. We pray that many will read Your Word, seek You Lord and come into the truth in Jesus’ name!I love you all and will keep you in prayer!

  4. Sue, I 100% back you up. Catholocism is false, apostate ‘christianity’. We don’t need to pray to Mary and the Saints, the Word of God is our guide into all truth. Bless you! Dean

  5. Very strong words of yours. Thank you very much for this article, there’s so much truth in it.
    Obviously, no one needs Catholicism to be in Christ, not even Christianity. All one needs is to let God guide his life and to follow the path of Jesus our saviour. That is enough said.

    1. Dear Ben.


      You wrote:

      Obviously, no one needs Catholicism to be in Christ, not even Christianity….

      My reply:

      You have my conditional support.

      What is “Christianity”?. Someone call it “Christendom”. I had it in school as a subject, and it turned me away from the truth. My teacher’s really pulled me off. Even the local Lutheran Priest. But one day, my Father God in Heaven called me close to His Son. And Jesus of Nazareth saved me. After that day, I never turned back. But it has surely been a bumpy road.

      1. Thanks for your reply. It’s always delightful to hear how even people who have not had easy access to the true teaching of Jesus finally find the right path. To me it’s the most magical thing in life when one chooses to follow Jesus and are reborn. So first of all I’m glad to have you and Sue among us.
        I studied your blog a little more and assume you to be of israeli origin. So you come from the same country the savior of mankind was born? Well, that’s pretty cool to say the least. So you’re definitely in good company. 😉
        Your blog is really great and inspiring. I’m going to check it regularly. Unfortunately I do not know many people who are interested in spiritual discussions, so with your permission I’ll take this blog as a welcome place to exchange some thoughts about our faith in the King of Kings. 🙂

        Keep up the good work.

      2. Dear Ben


        I am a former Viking from Norway, a wreck that has been saved by the King of the Jews. I do support the modern state of Israel, and I love the Jewish people enough to also tell them about salvation by the blood of Lamb of God, Jesus the Messiah. He is my Master, and my best friend.

  6. Nice said, Ivar. I see that you were born in Norway when I hover over your avatar. Haven’t noticed before and due to the many jewish references I assumed that you were born in that area. Sorry for the mistake.
    But Norway sounds cool either. Have you really been a Viking prior to your conversion? I mean a practicing. Or was that rather meant as a metaphor? 😉
    Anyhow, it’s amazing that Jesus has had such a huge influence on you. My heart is full of joy for you. 🙂

    1. Dear Ben.


      I have been a proper Viking. A horrible man, who “luckily” did not kill anyone. When Jesus first came into my heart, I was crying non stop for more than one hour. Walked in the street of Oslo around 6.am in the morning. And my tears of sorrow at joy continued in pulses for several days. I had been such a tool for the Devil. A preacher of Atheism, destroying the faith of many fragile Christians, to my utter joy and amusement.

  7. Wow, I am stunned! You are the first person I meet that proselyted from Atheism to a Jesus follower! I can totally understand the overwhelming emotions you were undergoing after the change. And what a change it must have been. It’s marvelous to hear that there’s still hope for mankind.


    Amen, sister!

  8. This is the reason why I will always be an anti-Catholic. I will probably lose my head for this stance – i.e. being against Rome, its Magisterium, its sacraments, its Tradition, its peace plan for humanity, etc. For her document, “Ut Unum Sint,” says:

    “Together with all Christ’s disciples, the Catholic Church bases upon God’s plan her ecumenical commitment to gather all Christians into unity. Indeed, “the Church is not a reality closed in on herself. Rather, she is permanently open to missionary and ecumenical endeavor, for she is sent to the world to announce and witness, to make present and spread the mystery of communion which is essential to her, and to gather all people and all things into Christ, so as to be for all an ‘inseparable sacrament of unity'” (5)

    “The Bishop of Rome is the Bishop of the Church which preserves the mark of the martyrdom of Peter and of Paul: “By a mysterious design of Providence it is at Rome that [Peter] concludes his journey in following Jesus, and it is at Rome that he gives his greatest proof of love and fidelity. Likewise Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles, gives his supreme witness at Rome. In this way the Church of Rome became the Church of Peter and of Paul” (90)

    “The Church of God is called by Christ to manifest to a world ensnared by its sins and evil designs that, despite everything, God in his mercy can convert hearts to unity and enable them to enter into communion with him” (93)

    Following this harlot Church means you must agree with her word that, “God manifested himself… to other religious traditions.”[48] (Google “Vatican.va and Dialogue and Proclamation”)


  9. i have long stopped referring to the roman catholic religion as a “church” (body of Christ per se…). i hope one day, all ‘born again’ christian shall do likewise. obviously, the papist religion does not come into the category of the ‘body’ of christ yahshua. hallelujah.

  10. I am so happy as I pray for all people in the catholic cult. it is so very sad and millions have left it. to make the ones still involved live in fear of leaving as he spits out untruth . for the bible says Yeshua is the only way the truth and the life. I have such a heart for the lost ones who do not know. but In Timothy it says..if anyone preaches another gospel , from such turn away. to tell them three times and if they reject the truth , then turn away. even if a angel shows up, believe it not. and when I read how people pray to the saints, to Mary which catholic hold up above Christ..it is blasphemy. I read all about the holocaust. a book called under the Vatican wall..unreal but true as well as they helped the nazi escape. looking around the world today and knowing G-d told us that when Israel bacomes a nation that WE AREt the generation that will see HIM..He is coming and very soon . and tho mockers say we have always had earthquakes and bad weather .ture but now like the bible says it is happening daily and that in itself lets us know and also the great apostasy all over which G-d said would continue till He said it is done. and hear we have Bibi in Israel in bible studies , like great and many many Jews are being saved. that is where the revival is happening..as all the nation and the people are praying and also given as what will happen when they do..G-d bless all of you who have the truth , how precious is Salvation that come thru the Jews along with scripture and the prophets , we owe such a debt and I love them so and always have . and just found out I am from the line of KIng David. Shalom

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