Joel Osteen not sure if anything good was in Hitler

The Mega Church Pastor Joel Osteen ducked simple questions on show on CNN.

Joel and Victoria Osteen was not sure of anything, when CNN tried to get some answers.

Joel Osteen, the pastor of America’s largest church, Lakewood Church in Houston, and his wife Victoria responded to a series of controversial topics brought to light on “Piers Morgan Tonight.” on Wednesday night.

Addressing the topic of good and evil, Morgan asked Osteen if he thought that Adolf Hitler was evil, or if there was any good in a man like that. Characteristic of the glass half-full pastor, Osteen deflected the question by pretending not to know it all.
Morgan then accused the pastor of “copping out” of difficult questions.

When asked if he could forgive the recent Arizona shooter, the Texan native first hesitated with a maybe “not right now” but then explained how people have to walk in someone else’s shoes to understand them.

“It’s easier to have mercy when you think they didn’t have a good shot”– referring to people’s upbringing and environment.
Resurfacing the question of suffering, Morgan couldn’t understand how a just God could allow suffering to happen – especially in the case of the victims of the Arizona shooting.

“There are plenty of things we can’t understand. I don’t know if I could explain it right now. I just come back to the fact that I believe that God is good, that he gives us strength in these difficult times.”

Fully aware and somewhat defensive of the title, Morgan responded,

“What’s wrong with being a prosperity preacher?”

“Well that’s my whole thing. I say to people,

‘Do you want me to be a poverty minister?’

What kind of message does that send that God doesn’t want you to be blessed, but he wants you to go down?”

Osteen continued, “I feel more than ever with the economy like it is to say that God can make a way in the desert, even when you don’t see a way.”

Source: Christian Post.

My comment:

It is not easy to be live on CNN. And if you do not want to quote from the Bible, neither takes the name of Jesus, your messages becomes toothless and Worldly.

That a pastor do not know if there was anything good in Adolf Hitler, is of course tragic. Since Jesus said that no man is good. All pastor Osteen had to do was to quote one single verses from the Bible.

Matthew 19:17
“Why do you ask me about what is good?” Jesus replied. “There is only One who is good. If you want to enter life, keep the commandments.”

That Osteen is not sure about forgiveness, is absolutely marvelous. Since Jesus said that if we are not willing to forgive those who sin against us, neither will our Father in Heaven forgive us.

That this seemed to be an impossible question to answer for this confused man from Texas, might become an eternal problem for the more than 50.000 lost souls who listen to his non sense every Sunday.

And by the way:

Jesus did say” Blessed are the poor”, the students he chose, and called to follow Him. But no place, He ever said that blessed are “the rich and mighty”. Prosperity teachers have a tendency to add to their messages what is not written in the Bible.

Luke 6:20
Looking at his disciples, he said: “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.

When Jesus looking at  Texas mansion of the Osteen’s, He will never be able to say just that.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Joel Osteen not sure if anything good was in Hitler

  1. In that deposition she said she believed Osteen was struggling between good and evil at the time of the incident…On Tuesday Brown said she now has no opinion of the co-pastor…Brown alleges that Osteen grabbed her by the shoulders pushed her into a restroom door and elbowed her in the chest aboard an airliner on Dec. Hardin said that the alleged attack never happened and that Osteen was calm and polite during the incident. He said Brown perceives events differently than they occurred…I dont think shes totally in touch with reality he said outside the courtroom after the judge recessed the trial for the day…Outside the courtroom Browns attorney Reginald McKamie said the alleged assault happened and that Brown is courageous for telling the truth about it…Sharon Brown is my hero he said…In earlier testimony Tuesday Brown said that Osteen was talking very loud and trying to get into the cockpit that December day… Very headstrong..Brown said she had tried to calm Osteen by asking her what the problem was and what she could do to help.

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