“Palestine Papers” strike possibly mortal blow to PA

Palestinian officials are denying the accuracy of leaked documents which claim Palestinian negotiators offered to give Israel major concessions on Jerusalem during peace talks three years ago.

Mahmoud Abbas has finally been caught in his own double games.

The aim of it is to create confusion,” insisted Palestinian Authority President Mahmud Abbas. “I saw [the documents] yesterday that presented positions labeled as Palestinian, but they were in fact Israeli. I can frankly say that we have no secrets and the whole of the Arab world knows this, either individual countries or all Arabs in general.”

“Every negotiating effort, meeting held, every suggested position put forward or being looked into is immediately presented to the Arab countries along with all its documents.

The reports about the documents were made by the Qatari-based Al-Jazeera television channel, which announced late on January 23 that it had been given unhindered access in recent months to nearly 1,700 confidential documents from more than a decade of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

For Abbas, one of the potentially most politically damaging details in those documents to emerge is in the leaked minutes of a June 15, 2008, meeting. The document reportedly shows a senior Palestinian negotiator proposing that Israel annex all but one of its major Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem as part of a broad deal to end their decades-old conflict.

The document says the offer was made at talks in Jerusalem that included former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Israeli negotiator and Foreign Minister Tzipi

Mahmoud Abbas can cry foul all he wants, no one will listen because he's been caught by his own words.

Livni, along with chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and former Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia.

Such revelations could undermine popular support for Abbas because his public declarations about Jerusalem are at odds with what the documents suggest his team was promising in private.

Other senior Palestinian officials also are denying the accuracy of the Al-Jazeera’s reports on the documents.

Meanwhile, the secretary-general of the Palestine Liberation Organization today accused Al-Jazeera of having a political agenda and taking some of the information from the documents out of context in what he described as obvious “incitement.”

Source; Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

My comments;

Yeshua (Jesus) warned in Mark 4:22;

For nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been secret, but that it would come to light.

The Palestinian Authority leadership can make whatever lame excuses they want, but Al-Jazeera is an Arab news station and they have no political agenda that includes destroying the PA to benefit Israel, as some PA politicians are desperately/absurdly claiming.

The simple fact of the matter is, the PA leadership are a bunch of corrupt, lying crooks who would sell their own mothers’ if the price was right. And now they’ve been shown to be so by their own words.

I wish I could say this is good news for Israel but the fact is, the biggest winner from this situation with be the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas, which is supported by Iran and implacably committed to the destruction of Israel. They are the only political alternative the Palestinians have to the PA, and after this the Palestinian people will turn towards them more than ever before.

That’s too bad, because it’s like a child moving out of the home of its alcoholic mother to go live with its sadistically violent and abusive father.

Happily, there is another way, and his name is Yeshua Ha’mashiach (Jesus Christ)

There are many Palestinians who have come to faith in the Jewish Messiah and He took all the hatred they had for Israel and the Jewish People out of their hearts and replaced it with love. We must continue to pray for more Palestinians to have this life giving experience, to save them from a hopeless future and to save Israel from terrible danger.

The “Palestine Papers” can be viewed in their entirety at the Al Jazeera site.

Written by Aaron

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