Lunatic Iranian leadership outmanuevers the West again

Representatives from Iran and six world powers have ended their meetings in Turkey to discuss Tehran’s controversial nuclear program with no reported progress.

Ayatollah Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has a lunatic ghost on the wall. Together they run Iran.

Reuters news agency says Iran gave no indication that it was willing to make concessions. The talks scheduled for Friday and Saturday include the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany, a group known as the P5 + 1.

Iranian state-run media quote a communications official attending the talks, media affairs deputy for the Secretariat of the Supreme National Council Abolfazi Zohrevand, as saying his country’s nuclear rights have “not been an issue” in the debate.

On Thursday, a U.S. State Department spokesman says the United States does not expect any “big breakthroughs” in Istanbul. But he says U.S. negotiators were willing to discuss a nuclear fuel swap proposal updated to reflect Iran’s progress in enrichment since 2009.

World leaders are hoping to address concerns that Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons, a charge Tehran denies.

Source; Voice of America Radio

My comments;

I have been closely watching the growing threat from Iran’s efforts to build nuclear weapons for several years. If it wasn’t so terrifying it would be hilarious.

The Iranians are determined to build nuclear weapons because they think (probably correctly) that it will massively increase their power and make them the military and political hegemon on the Middle East, able to order around thier Arab neighbors, control the price of oil and realize a long cherished dream of destroying Israel.

Iran's leaders have made their intentions perfectly obvious, but the world is still trying to convince itself that there is a peaceful solution.

Several of the Iranian leaders have demonstrated unmistakable symptoms of severe mental illness.

Efforts to “negotiate” with such a regime might also be a sign of mental illness, or at least wishful thinking.

But although the Iranian leadership might be crazy, they’re not stupid. They know exactly how to string the leaders of Western countries along, playing them off against each other, making confusing offers and counteroffers and playing on fears of terrorism and war.

Iran also controls the Shi’ite terrorist organization Hizbullah in Lebanon, which they’ve armed with an estimated 50,000 rockets that are aimed at Israel, to deter the Jewish State from launching air strikes against Iran.

There are simply no good options for dealing with Iran, but continuing with worthless negotiations is the worst of them. Sooner or later Israel and the West will be in a war with the Islamic Republic, and every day they get stronger and we get weaker.

The best and only hope for Iran and the world is the underground church there, which as I’ve said before is rumored to have over a million members and is growing fast. We must pray for these precious Believers and also for our leaders to have wisdom in how to deal with this incredibly dangerous situation.

Written by Aaron

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