BBC Radio 4 claims Jewish King David was in the Bible’s “only gay relationship”.

King David was weak for young beautiful women. Like most men.

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On a literary program, one of a series on the historic Bible translation, aired on Sunday, January 9th, playwright Howard Brenton claimed that David had been in love with Jonathan, the son of King Saul.

Brenton said:
“To a secular reader the story of David and Jonathan’s love is obviously homosexual, the only gay relationship in the Bible.” Brenton acknowledged that the idea is “controversial.”

The King James Bible, approved by King James I of England in 1611, is renowned even among non-Christians for the beauty of its 17th century English translation;

it was the first Bible to be published in the English language. The King James was prepared by a team of 47 of the best Bible scholars of the day and remains one of the most widely read versions in the English speaking world to this day.

Source: Christian Telegraph.

My comment:

If you read the Bible while you are making dinner, it is possible to cook up any story.

The truth about King David being “gay”, is like claiming Silvio Berlusconi desire to have sex with men, while His bed is full of young half naked women.

If you read the Bible with both eyes open, you can not miss out King David loving beautiful young ladies, also one he should not have had sex with.

But God the Father, Son and Spirit forgave David, and turned this sin into a blessing for Israel and the World. Out of this act of adultery came King Solomon and the first Temple in Jerusalem.

Written by Ivar