The World spend 1.8 Billion USD a year to create new Islamic state

“We have the ambition of recognizing a Palestinian state when that state is ready to be a real state”.

Systematic and structural Islamic terrorism is being honored with 1,8 billion USD a year. Støre and Abbas is on the same team.

This is a statement by Jonas Gahr Støre, the Foreign Minister of Norway.

He have an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post. The Norwegian minister continued:

“Beyond that I wouldn’t speculate,” Store said. “The point I have made on some occasions is that this financial support is not humanitarian, it is not antipoverty, it is political”.

Norway chairs the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee made up of donor countries, and itself gives more than 120 million euros for institution building each year. All told, since 2006 the PA has received some USD 1.8 billion a year in foreign aid, making the Palestinians the largest per capita recipients of aid dollars in the world.

“I think we have this historic window now of having political leaders committed to nonviolence, to democracy, to negotiations, to the rule of law, to basic Western standards,” Store said. “Let us hope we can seize this opportunity. These other initiatives, you know, will not go away, but in order to make them less dominant, let us move on with the real process.”

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

Luke 23:34
Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.

Støre bluntly admit that He is playing “politics” inside another statehood, trying to destabilize it, by supporting its enemies.

Men like Garh Støre is trying to convince us that Israel is free to throw 1,8 billion USD a year out the window, if they refuse to accept a an expected “negotiated” solution. This “negotiable” solution is not negotiable in regards to Søres demand, that it must include a division of Jewish land.

Men like Garh Støre tries to convince us that the new Islamic state will become as “free, democratic, peaceful and loving” as other Islamic states.

What Gahr Støre has started to do, is to cast lots on the belongings of the Jewish people. Because by pumping billions of dollars into the ongoing bid to destroy the Jewish state, will eventually pay off.

The Jews will be forced to surrender Zionism, their basic call and right to live inside, work and protect the Mountains of Zion.

But the Messiah will return to judge this foolishness.

The picture above, can only be understood in the correct Messianic perspective:

Proverbs 15:14
The discerning heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly.

Written by Ivar

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