Catholic Church in France hailed Hitler for killing Jews

Adolf Hitler is portrayed using a sword to kill a Jew in a church stained glass window.

The glass painting of warrior King Hitler inside a Catholic Church in France.

The extraordinary ecclesiastical work of art remained unnoticed for a full 70 years at the St Jacques Church in Montgeron, south of Paris.

If it had been pointed out at the time of its inauguration – in July 1941.

The official version of the Catholic Church, is that the colorful window display “secret french resistance”. As it was, the colorful window clearly depicts a black fringed Hitler as Herod, the infamous biblical King renowned for slaughtering children.

The Catholic Church in France that hailed Hitler.

‘The figure has Hitler’s hair, but his moustache has been hidden behind his arm to avoid serious trouble,’ said Father Dominique Guerin, pastor of the parish.

Now the window is being viewed as a brave symbol of French Resistance during the Occupation of 1940 to 1944.

In the window, Herod is slaughtering St Jacques – French for St James – who represents the Jewish people, using a broadsword.

Local MP  Isabelle Bigand-Viviani said:

‘This portrayal of Hitler was an act of artistic and religious resistance. It’s a haunting story showing great nerve on the part of the glassmakers.’

Source: Daily Mail, UK.

My comment:

It is simply not the truth, that Catholics in France in July 1941 was offended by Hitler being an declared enemy of the Jewish people.

To the radical opposite, millions of Catholics in France agreed with Hitler, that the Jews were a threat to the stability and security of Europe.

The full glass painting portray Hitler as a powerful hero.

The Pope was gifted the Vatican statehood in 1929, by nobody else than the Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

In 1933 the Vatican signed a peace agreement with Nazi-Germany.

That the Pope hailed Hitler became obvious for all not blind people.

The Papal Nuncio to Berlin celebrated Hitlers birthday with Hitler as late as April 20th 1939.

Hitler’s book “Main Kampf” was not unknown to the Vatican in 1939.

The Krystalnight November 9th in 1938 had displayed Hitler’s “resistance” to the Jewish threats.

To claim that the Catholics in France were a part of the “resistance” as early as in July 1941, is a blunt lie.

Paris was a “peaceful place” this summer, and millions of French Catholics were convinced Hitler would win the war. The allied forces had in the summer of 1941 hardly been able to win a single battle.

The Catholics were rather happy that two great Catholics now were the rulers of Central Europe. Both of them baptized as Catholics, Hitler even a confirmed and blessed “Sunday Catholic”.

Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany by winning almost 40 per cent of the votes. The Catholics had even closed down their political party, and voted for the Nazis without any regrets.

The Catholics looked on the Jews as “Christ-killers”. No doubt that Hitler was their hero, who was going to deal with the “Jewish problem”.

Therefore being a “Jew killer” was considered a noble act, some kind of penance in the service for “god”. That was why the Nazis had written “god with us” on their belts.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Catholic Church in France hailed Hitler for killing Jews

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  1. Ivar,
    The church is NOT in Vichy France, the region that was collaborating with the nazis. There was al lot of resistance in France.
    And depicting Hitler as Herod is not really flattering, is it?
    And why could it no be silent resistance? The nazis were very demonically creative you in making up nasty retalliation plans.
    Do not condemn ALL French, ALL Catholics or ALL Europeans. What you believe, you see.
    Take a look at your own country:
    What is true about all those American companies and ‘presidential’ families with there ties to the nazis, making billions out of that war? Mengeles flight to the USA with his Monarch-programm? Why did it take 5 years and were almost all European jews murdered before the ‘political world’ stood up and sent their male teens to get slaughtered on that French coast?
    Just because there is no oil in Europe?
    Think before you write.

    1. Dear Polleke


      You wrote:

      Think before you write…..

      My reply:

      I hope we all do that?

      Its good to have a debate around this picture. I believe there were Catholics in Germany, that did not vote for Hitler. I also believe there were Catholics in France, that were not happy that Paris was ruled by the Nazis in July 1941.

      Hitler had already started to kill Jews in July 1941. Many Catholics had no problem with that. Like the Catholic slaughter of Jews in the Middle Ages. – Lets get rid of the “Christ killers” was the same slogan. Nothing had changed with Hitler. He just copied the earlier Popes, but was the most brutal Jew-hater of them all.

      The Nazis even established their own Churches, and put pictures and other Nazi stuff inside these buildings. Even in France, i presume.

  2. Hello again, fucking retard. It is clear from the style of art that the “protagonist” in that window is the kneeling man about to be martyred. Several saints were martyred by beheading and as I am no expert on saints, it could be any one of them. What is clear is that the executioner is not Hitler, and the holy figure here is about to be killed. I ran across your blog by accident and I have to say I never thought I would find anyone so mind-numbingly ignorant. You should be ashamed to have displayed your ignorance for the world to see on the internet.

    1. Dear Robert Alpert.


      You wrote:

      Do not condemn ALL French, ALL Catholics or ALL Europeans?
      Yes and I am Catholic.

      My reply:

      I love all Catholics. I love the enough to tell them the truth about Catholicism, and the man made religion of the Vatican priesthood.

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