NATO commanders admit, Somali pirates getting better

Somali pirates’ use of “mother ships” to attack their prey is complicating foreign navies’ efforts to improve safety in the Indian Ocean.

The US Seventh fleet battles piracy on the high seas just off the oil belt in the Middle East.

The vessels offer greater physical protection during boarding and whose kidnapped crews act as human shields.

Pirates off Somolia are a symptom of the lawlessness that Jesus warned would be common near the end of the Age.

Pirates have gone high tech and few use speed boats.

They have switched to usage of motherships,” Commodore Michiel Hijmans of the Dutch Navy, who currently commands NATO’s Ocean Shield anti-piracy mission.

The pirates can operate in the sea for long as they load the mother ships with enough food, fuel and militant weapons ready for a hijacking spree.

Pirates are getting smarter every hour… Pirates do not give up unless they cannot board or are threatened. I’m afraid that the war on piracy might not be won until there is a stable government in Somalia.

Hijmans said Somali pirates were currently holding 28 ships and 654 crew members.

Source; Defense News

My comments;

In Matthew 24:12, Jesus warned that in the End Times,

Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.

We are swiftly moving into the end of this Age, and an era of increasing violence, chaos, disorder and lawlessness. Such conditions existed in several European countries in the period between the World Wars, and the people responded by allowing tyrannical dictators to arise and rule over them. These dictators led them, and the world, into a glimpse of Hell.

People will soon be overwhelmed by the growing anarchy in the world and this time they will allow an even worse dictator to arise, a man who will indeed crush the forces of disorder with an iron fist and bring about a global government which will brutally establish law and order. But he will also destroy freedom and set himself up as the god of this world, in direct and explicit defiance of the God of the Bible.

This man will be known as the Beast, the anti-Christ, and the personal representative of Lucifer the Devil in this world.

He is coming soon, we must be praying for ourselves and those we love not to be deceived by him. He will offer us safety, but the only safety we have is in Jesus Christ.

Written by Aaron

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