Jerusalem Arabs will flee if forced back under Islam

40 per cent of Arabs in Jerusalem will flee into Israel to avoid reoccupation by Islam.

Most Arabs are not surprisingly more afraid of Islamic mobs than Orthodox Jews.

A new poll conducted in November shows that the 270,000 Arabs who live in east Jerusalem may not be very enthusiastic about joining Palestine.  The awkward fact is that more would prefer to be citizens of Israel than of a Palestinian state.

The survey is designed and supervised by former State Department Middle East researcher David Pollock. The survey found that only 30 per cent said they would prefer to be citizens of Palestine in a two-state solution.

35 per cent said they would choose Israeli citizenship. (The rest said they didn’t know or refused to answer.)

40 per cent said they would consider moving to another neighborhood in order to become a citizen of Israel rather than Palestine, and

54 per cent said that if their neighborhood were assigned to Israel, they would not move to Palestine.

“Quite clearly there is a discrepancy between people’s attitudes and the assumption that Palestinian neighborhoods should be part of Palestine,” said Pollock.

“That’s not actually what the people want.”

Source: Washington Post.

My comment:

Its interesting that by gifting East Jerusalem to Islamic forces, the world will create a new refugee problem. There is no doubt that many Jews living in East Jerusalem will run for their life. But the biggest problem might be how to handle an exodus of Arabs.

Since there are 270.000 Arabs living in Jerusalem today, 40 per cent of them, is actually 100.000 people that will seek safe shelters  inside the Jewish state.

How foolish must the International community become, before someone will be able to make them hear the alarm bells?

Probably, they will never be able to understand, blinded by the “god of this age”, who is the very enemy of the Messiah Jesus.

1 Corinthians 1:20
Where is the wise person? Where is the teacher of the law? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Jerusalem Arabs will flee if forced back under Islam

  1. This does not surprise me, living in England ( which is not what it used to be thanks to Gordon Browns management )I see thousands of people fleeing islamic countries wanting to live in a western democracy.

  2. In order to know the real truth, we need to know the full history barring any myths and misconceived ideas.

    The younger generation will understand far less about the reason for matters and attitudes being the way we see and perceive them.

    When the correct decision is made to return the occupied land to it’s muslim inhabitants, the attitude and financial condition of the citizenry will normalize. it’s not fair to analyze attitudes whilst life is not normalized.

  3. Autoritarian Arab states rulers use cruely Palestinians for their aimes to destroy Israel using deceit,money, weapons and Islam.But pals who live in Israel begin to evaluate some advantages of the democracy.

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