Israel risks war with Lebanon soon

The government of Lebanon collapsed Wednesday when the Shi’ite terror militia Hezbollah resigned. The Israeli army is on high alert.

It's almost impossible to know where Hezbollah stops and Lebanon begins, making Lebanon a virtual military colony of Iran.

The resignations were announced shortly after Prime Minister Saad Hariri met with President Barack Obama at the White House.

Top U.S. officials have condemned the move by Hezbollah and its allies to bring the government down. President Obama and Prime Minister Hariri reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence, even as the government in Beirut was collapsing.

After the meeting, the White House released a written statement, saying in part, “The efforts by the Hezbollah-led coalition to collapse the Lebanese government only demonstrate their own fear and determination to block the government’s ability to conduct its business and advance the aspirations of all of the Lebanese people.”

Lebanon’s year-old unity government came down when Hezbollah ministers and their allies resigned over the United Nations-backed tribunal investigating the 2005 assassination of then-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, the father of the current leader.

Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran and Syria, denies involvement in the assassination and has denounced the tribunal. Mr. Obama and Prime Minister Hariri discussed efforts with France, Saudi Arabia and others to maintain calm in Lebanon and allow the tribunal to continue its work.

Source; Global Security

My comments;

Israel’s northern neighbor is a political and social basket case, with instability being the normal state of affairs.

The problems in Lebanon have already dragged Israel into two wars in 1982 and 2006. The Iranians control Hezbollah and are looking for an excuse to start trouble with Israel, so it’s very possible that Israel could be sucked into another war in Lebanon soon.

The obvious move for Hezbollah would be to divert the attention of their opponents inside Lebanon by pointing at Israel as the “real enemy” which should be attacked.

Mark 13:7 says;

When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be frightened; those things must take place; but that is not yet the end.

As we move closer to the end of the Age, there will be more and more political/social instability, conflict and chaos, ushering in the final anti-Christ.  We must never cease to pray for ourselves, our loved ones, our congregations, our pastors, and last but not least our political leaders who are appointed by God to deal with these things.

Written by Aaron

3 thoughts on “Israel risks war with Lebanon soon

  1. Maybe I just dont understand enough about the Lebanese government but I would think that having Hezbollah drop out of the government would be a great thing? Hold new elections for all vacated paralament seats and mandate that the new candidates be true Lebanese citizens. Lebanon could take back control of the government and become a true united Lebanon. Can someone explain to me why this is so deterimental?

  2. When one thinks of what lebanon was before the religion of peace followers under yasser terrofat made an appearance it is so sad. A beautiful country somewhat similar to Israel, now however it is a puppet of its terrorist supporting neighbour syria and her secret army hezzbollah, this connection will only bring wrath upon the nation which supplied the great cedars, now it only supplies tears and misery to its own citizens and those it makes enemies of. How sad, I mourn for the Leb.

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