Iran and Syria continue to supply weapons to Hizbullah in Lebanon

Damascus Airport has been identified as the transit point for airlifts of Iranian arms that were subsequently transferred to Hizbullah via the open Syrian-Lebanese border, under the supervision of the Syrian security services.

Hizbullah troops give the Nazi salute to their Iranian masters.

A senior Pentagon official has divulged that Hizbullah has 50,000 rockets and missiles, including 40-50 Fatah 110 missiles and 10 SCUD-C ground-to-ground missiles. Furthermore, some 10,000 Hizbullah fighters have been provided with a broad range of modern weapons, while the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have trained Hizbullah teams to operate these weapons.

Currently, the Iranians exercise more control than ever over Hizbullah. Iranian General Hassan Madavi, Commander of the Lebanon Corps of the Revolutionary Guards, sits in Beirut alongside scores of Iranian officers and experts.

In South Lebanon, with the assistance of the engineering units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hizbullah has dug tunnels that conceal its fighters from the watchful eye of Israeli UAVs that patrol the region. Hizbullah command centers were also equipped with an independent communications network funded by Iran.

Hizbullah also continues to conceal its war materiel in mosques, schools, fire stations, and the like. According to Israeli intelligence, at least 100 Lebanese villages have become genuine military bases.

Source; Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

My comments;

UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the war between Israel and Hizbullah in 2006, explicitly forbade the re-arming of Hizbullah. But as usual, the UN has concentrated on enforcing those parts of 1701 that constrain Israel’s ability to defend itself from aggression while giving those who are attacking it a free pass.

In February of 2010 I attended a conference in Tel Aviv on the subject of Ballistic Missile Defense. Senior military officers Israel, the US and NATO countries as well as Japan and India joined with Israeli industrial leaders who were working on solutions to the problem to warn that the threat to Israel from missiles is “existential” and that in the next war, many Israeli civilians will probably be killed by them before the IDF is able to fight its way into the areas from which they are being launched and put a stop to them.

As the recent Carmel mountain fires demonstrates, Israel’s civil defense system is not up to the task of dealing with large scale devastation of the civilian infrastructure such as will surely occur in such a conflict.

As watchmen for Israel, we need to make praying for the protection of Israeli civilians a top priority. Pray AGAINST the missile attacks from Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas and pray that God confounds the plans of the wicked.

To see a short movie about the dangers to Israel from Iranian supplied missiles click HERE

Written by Aaron

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